New battle pass is good but still lacking

New battle pass is stepping is a good direction but still makes no sense.
First , the main armor represented in the story and age ,isnt even in the battlepass its a bazar item

Second they got rid of spells , good ,was a cheap way of filling the pass ,but now we have emblems how,how many will they spam into future battlepass’s we can only see but for now theres atleast not as many as wallpaintings were in older battlepass’s
Also still no free armor in the battlepass . Funcom i beg you make one of the armors free , that way you make people want to buy the battlepass .also dont want to be that guy ,but the artwork for the first 6 tiers ,like what is up with there faces , you have two twins and a person in the left that has a face that dosent match the body and the guy on the right looks like the michal jordan crying meme

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No building pieces again… huge red flag for me.
But some animations are cool anyway.

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They will get added to the bazar at a later date, and probably wont work

Lack of unified building sets is the most disappointing trend with the new monetization.

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