New Bazaar/Battle Pass/Purge Loot ideas

New Bazaar/Battle Pass/Purge Loot ideas

Hairstyle Changing Consumables

-Barber/Hairstyle kits(potions), which change the holder’s hairstyle when used. Would allow players to customize thrall appearances without needing a UI / complicated framework to be developed. Perhaps the default appearance items could be added as purge rewards while unique models/recipes could be added to the bazaar/future battle passes.

Performer Emotes
-Instrumental Emotes. Some loopable animations to give our performers some additional variety. A simple rhythmic audio ambience would be nice to let surrounding/approaching exiles know that a place of rest / target to pillage is nearby. It would be nice if random camp NPC performers may sometimes spawn using the emotes, they may make more sense as battle pass/bazaar content considering the dev time.

  • -Introducing a new instrument item type which causes the user to perform when used would make a nice loot drop. Used in a player/thrall’s inventory would change their currently selected emote. This would add new emote options without bloating the emote radial menu.
  • -If animations could be designed to reference a dynamic prop instrument, you could reuse the same animation for many similar instruments, thus increasing potential loot variety.

-Dance Emotes. Although these may contribute significantly to the install size, there are a variety of folk dances that would fit very well with the exile lands. As the emote menu may feel too crowded, it would be nice to submenu different dances by cultural themes. (General, Tribal, Khitan, Turanian, Hyborian, Aquilonian…)

Dyeable Decor (Carpets, Tapestries, Painted Furniture, Flowers?)

  • -They could be implemented using a system similar to the radium torches. The furniture would have an inventory slot. I think it would be ideal not to have it as the default “Use” action, but require selecting it from a radial menu (Similar to placed treasure/burning siege cauldrons). This feature would make it a good selling point for a bazaar item.
  • -Dyes feel a bit underutilized considering they include a large number of item ID’s, a workbench, and are featured in a large number of loot tables. Players may dye their favored outfits/thrall outfits once and never touch the dye system again. It would be nice to add more ways to interact with this existing resource.

I’m very hopeful for more appearance options in the future.

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