Entertainer Thralls Emote Static And Animated

I have recently acquired the emote belly dancer and Submissive now I know the current Entertainer Thralls use only one dance and I’ll be honest its lame its gross and its unappealing, however I liked the idea of Submissive static emote being assigned to the thralls I wanted such as men and women to bow as if maids and butlers and just to place around and what not.

I also believe that I should be able to tell any thrall doesn’t matter the gender to belly dance as this was amazingly appealing for me considering the alternative dance they are pre-set to which let me be honest just…No… now I would also like to have the ability to make them clap with a animated feel and static to make them continually do it while I have dancers performing the belly dance now I have seen people with such creative ideas such as a pool and a beach aspect I wanted greater control over the actions of the thralls and I don’t believe this just to be limited to the Entertainer thralls. Fighters and archers Etc. I would like to have them patrol the base obviously with in my land claim and not any further.

Pets should be able to rest and look more real as it stands it’s like looking at stone people with slight head movements and animal alike.

My last suggestion is the ability to change thrall hair styles as I’m sorry I’ll say this I don’t know if anyone else has this problem but Ionna the Seductress comes with a half shaven head now it’s not my type of hair I want someone with this kind of name to have. I would like the choice of the hair. Some can have it some can’t but I want to pick. I don’t want to have to maim Ionna the Seductress until she spawns with a hair type I like.

If that could be considered that’s great everyone can put there opinions here and hopefully Funcom will see and take initiative to make something happen hopefully.

Also I don’t want to see they don’t need to add this that they need to fix the bugs first comment, or we don’t need anymore dlc until the current system is fixed or we won’t buy it as a way of threatening the product and company. Because I frankly don’t care. I don’t care if you say this is a PvP game and there is no need for this and such crap as RP, if that was the case you wouldn’t be able to make a RP server. So if you have that type of reply don’t expect me to respond I have seen too many of that type of person. It’s your opinion your choice but I could say as well COD exists if you want PvP, so does DOA6 if you want fighting PvP. All opinions aren’t bad and don’t need to be crushed because the company hasn’t figured out how to solve all the dang problems, you could always volunteer to help write code and submit it to assist them, if you can’t you shouldn’t be criticizing them. The job is hard I have tried programming my self and it’s a process that will drive you insane.


En effet choisir la danse serait intéressant.
Mais aussi une animation des Thrall ils sont trop statique.

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If you find an emote, the emote should be an option to place on your free-standing thralls.



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