New Bug att conan

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: [Here]

I put materials inside my transporter, I sent him to follow me, I teleported, he didn’t follow me, I looked at the map, he stayed at the base, I looked at the list of followers, it was written that he was following me, I removed the bracelet, message that he stopped following me, I went back to the base, he was not there, but on the map he said he was there, I removed the bracelet and went to the desert to return to the place of origin, he disappeared, not in the log events, it doesn’t say he died, he just disappeared taking things with him. that was now after the new update, i want my carrier and i want my items.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
2. didn’t follow
3. it’s gone
4. I want back

I would suggest heading home, waiting. Craft or do something and wait for about 10mins. They should teleport back to you.

Teleporting and thralls… is never really good idea. (itlest anytime I use Map, or admin panel… they fall from sky, or half in ground… or don’t follow me)

Hello @Boss, thank you for your report, we’ll register the issue for our team to look into and address as soon as possible.

Regarding the loss of items, we’re unable to provide any refunds of materials or equipment lost, as there is no MMO-like admin support for the game in official servers.

please look at the title I opened and help me please.

Does your follower show up on the map? If so, have you looked to the heavens? I had to build a tower 34 blocks high to get a missing thrall back.

no, he disappeared from the list of followers, apparently Funcom already knows the problem.

he disappeared from the list of followers, apparently Funcom already knows the problem.

the problem was publicized in Facebook groups and raised questions from other players. you can delete my questions on the forum, but there are other more efficient ways to publicize the errors of the game. the forum is not our only tool, and if necessary, we players will unite against the inefficiency and dictatorism of this forum in deleting our complaints and claims, I want my trhall and the items that were inside it, it is my right, I paid for game, I am the client and I have my rights.

Kaio Santos yes, as it didn’t happen again … and I didn’t configure anything, I just ordered me to follow … in the past it used to happen with us giants, you told them to follow you and then you were running and out of nowhere the message said that he I was no longer following you, then you looked behind him, he was gone, once it happened inside the base and then I looked at the footman pot, because at that time there was no list of followers, then in the footman pot he appeared still alive, then it had been a while since one of them had disappeared while following me and I took a pot of footman to the place where he disappeared, and guess what, he was still there, but I couldn’t see it, on another occasion a giant followed me and mine friend was running after him and when he disappeared my friend said he saw him entering the land, that is to say, it is very likely that this error returned in view that lately the lackeys were really bugging the land, especially in fights with dragons, I I was thrown into limbo by a dragon and ended up in the spawning desert … the Funcom forum is already aware of this error, it didn’t just happen to me, but the worst thing is that they said they won’t see the footman and the items that were inside it … he was a T3 carrier punched with steel reinforcement and resin wood, I was carrying black ice and I kept the most important items in him and teleported, it was out of raid hours and I did it just in case kill me on the teleport I would not lose the items, but the funcom was campering me in the obelisk and took the transporter transport.:face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow: