[BUG] Thrall vanished when i was looking/got stuck in sky/earth (?) (1976 server)

**Game mode:**Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type:PvE
Region: South America

During hecatomb, i placed my Tier 4 Transporter to guard a place (on a foundation) to help fight bugs that was attacking us (and they were teleporting from far places to a place really nerby my workshop and main base, another bug i think) and it just VANISHED when i was looking to him 1 second after. His name still on the list, so i think he’s alive, the mark is in the exact place. Maybe he got in the sky (were i can’t see him) or down the map, in this case, inside a rock or just outside my reach. Since he’s guarding the place, he will not leave, and so i will not be able to use him again. Tried to logoff and logon, leaving place and coming back, no success. Could someone unstuck him please? He helps me a lot… and look into this bug?

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Placed a T4 Transporter thrall on a foundation (specifically on resined wood foundation)
  2. The thrall vanished. The mark is in the spot, but can’t reach or find him.

Anyone? :frowning:

Hey @rahifsoliva

Did your thrall reappear once the server restarted?

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Unfortunately, no. I’m aware that you guys are trying to fix these, but i’ve to say it: My thrall just died about 15 minutes ago, tried the workaround of logoff/login and leaving the area and coming back, to find at lest his body, but no luck. I bought this game full priced in Early Access, bought almost all DLCs (just don’t have Conan and Argos) and i’m really unhappy by now. Wasn’t able even to find and to pickup my hardworked loot and two highly wanted thralls that i was waiting to be done on volcano area. I was aware that thralls die often there but was taking care, but i was leaving the Skelos for my Wheel of Pain, saw him jumping really weird and falling (i loved the no jump, no climb, no changing levels of the mobs and thralls, these avoided a lot of problems), then didn’t saw him anymore. I would say he fell off the world.

I know that you’re one important person for Conan dev, and have to say these things as feedback:
The system of thralls was better as it were. I mostly liked the changes, but hated some of them.

  1. I will stop to play again 'cause i’m really frustrated and sad, i was really enjoying and then, this last patch. A friend of mine leaved 1976 server 'cause it was crashing all the times, some of our stuffs VANISHED from the game (disappeared and wasn’t even registered in event log), some thralls, some died out of nowhere, some of these things happened in the most frustrating ways. I love the Conan engine, I’ve bought the game since 2017 and tried again and again, even had the pre-order dlc of Conan Armor, and some things unfortunately came to be worse than as it was when first fixes from 1.0 was done. It’s really depressing were the game is going, i can’t see any fix for some problems that still persists since the game was enjoyable.

  2. The AI seems to be working fine by now but thralls don’t follow you when you climb, vanish and take forever to appear leaving you unguarded, teleport to you in the most random ways and just when you’re far enough, sometimes INSIDE YOU blocking you to move, sometimes they just take a coffe and don’t answer (even with server with 30 fps and 50- ping on debug menu, 60 fps on client).

Now i know why some people says that pirated games or GOG games sometimes is better. They don’t force you to update your client and spoil your gameplay, since patches are manually done. I really lost my nerves and my heart for this game by now. Thanks for hearing me, anyway. Good luck for you guys and for you in your job, @Ignasi.

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