New Bug Fighting Invis and being Invis on server

I have no idea why i am posting this as devs dont give a poop about our server but this is for other players and pvers.

Tonight deer kept dying infront of me, then a moose and wolves. I thought i saw a glimmer and rebooted the game and sure enough it kept happening. I added this tribe mem,ber as a friend and it showed them online and on the server.

Many people wonder how people been refreshing pillers buildings etc when that tribe has not been on. Well can honestly say they log in and not be seen, they kill and can farm and not be seen and they can refresh and not be seen. I need help with the screenshot showing this. Server name is 1930 and as u can guess it is saber the same tribe many of us have posted cheating. Half hour watching them kill mobs and farming iron and cant even see them . Shows them not even on server hitting b but can show a dev they are online.Through screenshot and fighting.

I am trying to upload the shots of dead deer and ore being gone . But this is server 1930 tribe saber. Past hour watching iron nodes going poof and noone around and wild boar being killed

You might be suffering from severe desynch issues. Either due to server performance or your internet connection. Can you type ToggleDebugHUD in console? It will allow you to see server fps and ping.

I’m not console zing last week we told about cheating on the forums they were not even on it showed for 2 days yet all there stuff is being refreshed none of us could figure out why. Tonight deer and wolves and forget the names of the big deer were dying infront of us. Then watched ore one minute there and next minute gone we could see a flash for a second that is it. We even told about them building over peoples items that were not even decayed some items had 146 hours on it and they built right over it example shattered springs they built right over the top of the map and the foundations around it. We tried ourselves and couldnt do it.

Between this and the harrssment no offence these 2 guys are allowed to keep playing, people are not buying the dlc etc in protest that nothing can be done. This is a great game but these guys are chetaing up the butt. 30 years gaming i havent seen anything this toxic . Its obvious there goal is to make people quit .

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Ive restated the game over and over and same thing and when i hit join his game to watch they were killing the exact same stuff but on other computer showed noone there?

we even posted them logging out in our bases in a full locked room no way out and the doors are locked we posted screenshots as well. I also had 4 players verify as well to make sure it wasnt me I apologize this isnt to annoy you .

I can confirm that they are hidden from the Player List completely but are still in-game playing, without a visible player model from my side but still able to play, and there is no way into Lucifer’s base without him opening the doors for us yet he posted a screenshot of them laying on his floor without granting access.

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Hello again.

If the player is connected to the server but has no character because he/she isn’t finished creating one. That player will count as a player on the server, but will not be listed in player list.
Whenever player has connected and spawned with character, there will be a record of said player in the player list (even if they have invisible name and clan) which you can click and view their steam profile.

By activating ToggleDebugHUD in console, you can actually see how many players are connected to the server and how many players are being displayed in the player list.

We saw deer, wolves dying infront of us, we saw iron nodes disappearing infront of us bit by bit. Land areas being refreshed with noone around, with all due respect i have gamed 30 years and i know when someone is cheating. I play this 20 hours a day do the same circuit of farming atleast 5 times and when they could build over claimed lands then they could do this. None of us could build over claimed lands with timers so how could they?

If you want to be helpful, while in the game press INSERT on your keyboard, a line will appear on bottom part of your screen where you can type ToggleDebugHUD. This will display an overlay in the top right corner of the screen showing server ping and FPS. Next time you see deer or rocks disappearing, take a screenshot and share it in this thread.

How is it possible for 1 person to be logged in, and playing on 25 different servers at the same time ? most of these were Official, the others were Asian servers :thinking: My advice to everyone playing on Official servers, don’t let cheaters ruin your game experience, There’s alot of Private servers recruiting for new players on this forum, Let the cheaters ruin the game for themselves, especially if there is no one left to cheat against :wink: that means you Win and they can kiss your azz!

the deer and wolf died infront of me like if i killed it, and same with iron ore we watched the stones go bit by bit. We posted shots of this tribe in peoples bases where u cant get in. Dont reporting seems these guys get away with everything no matter how many people report so good luck.Not going to keep fighting over and over when the players are the only ones who seem to want cheaters racism and this bs gone. Over 40 of us have been fighting so i cant do this anymore thing will happen people will quit and again we will see once again a great game gone down hill cause management states over and over sorry no support. Funny thing is you guys have promised 3 time they would be banned and removed . good bye good luck.

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