New bug hit me today: Serialization Error: Action Needed

Played yesterday just fine, but today I have been getting this message:

Serialization Error: Action Needed
Corrupt data found, please verify your install

I didnt change or modify anything, so is it related to the new expansion? I installed it to see if that was the issue, but I still get it. Reinistalled the game as well, no fix.

Can anyone tell me what this is and if they have hadit too?

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Hey there,

Are you using mods? If so, see this thread:

If the issue persists and you are using mods, you should post in the above thread.


Sim, tive que remover todos os mods para conseguir abrir o jogo. Agora e o trabalho de descobrir qual esta gernado o problema

Yes, I had to remove all mods in order to open the game. Now it’s the job of finding out what the problem is

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That did help, but now the issue is a ridiculous ping time, but that is a different issue.

Thank you!

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