New changes about THRALLS EFFICIENCY after march 2019 patch

Since some recent updates, some thralls have changed in terms of stats and efficiency.

  • Now a captain from Sepermeru equals a t4 fighter from the volcano in terms of HP and damage.

  • Dalinsa is now the strongest Fighter of the forgotten tribe. She also has now a “prefered weapon” type which are one handed weapons (only tested the starmetal sword) as she will perform combos with them whereas she won’t be using combos with 2 hander (spears/ 2 H Swords)

  • The berserker has now become an “elite tier3 fighter” (or a worse tier 4 fighter, as you prefer) and he is specialized in 2 H weapons such as spears/ 2 H Swords (the opposite of dalinsa)

Note that with the same weapons equiped dalinsa still out dps the berserker eventhough she doesn’t use combos with 2 handers. The diff is even more noticeable with 1 H Swords as she will use combos

  • Tier 3 forgotten tribe fighters are still weaker then berserkers as their strengh stat is probably lower and share their specialization with berserkers in terms of favourite weapon.

I spare you the Numbers and the details (which i can provide if asked) and only give you the most important things to note in those changes.

Feel free to add more new mechanics or any other infos about this topic. me and others will be glad to answer some specific questions in case sthing isn’t clear enough and to check out new stuff for the Community.


Thanks roro. Really appreciate all the testing you do!


Thanks for the information. I’m weird in the way that numbers help me understand things - they have the advantage of being accurate and unambiguous over more prosaic descriptions. So if you could provide the numbers it would be very helpful for determining the actual usefulness of these thralls. I’m sure there are others who prefer numerical stats out there.


I’m of the same mindset as Kap; if it’s not too much trouble to post the numbers, I’d love to see them! :slight_smile:

You’re not weird, you just like understanding…

Of course “hard fans” Always want the Numbers :smiley: which i am too btw. Most players prefer “staight to the points” things that’s why…
Anyways here are the Numbers i got:

My target was the elk king as Always, and for good reasons which i won’t be repeating here again to annoy players. if you are interested have a quick look here Here is some feedback about thralls mechanics

dalinsa has needed an average number of

  • 15 hits to kill it with an obsidian spear
  • 14 hits with a starmetal sword
  • 11 hits with a 2 h starmetal sword


  • 17 hits with the obsidian spear
  • 21 hits with a starmetal sword
  • 14 hits with a 2 H starmetal sword

Tier 3 forgotten fighter

  • 22 hits with the obsidian spear
  • 28 hits with the 1 H starmetal sword
  • 18 hits with the 2 H starmetal sword

dalinsa has not used a single combo move with 2 H weapons
berserk and t3 Fighter haven’t used a single combo move with a 1 H sword

In the case of the captain and the t4 volcano fighter i have only tested it with an obsidian spear and i greatly assume it will be the same as for the others: they do have a specialization (2 H) correct me if i am wrong as i didn’t go trough the same process as for the others. My main purpose with them was only to check if their strengh/ base dmg was different OR NOT between each other, Nothing more.

i will edit this post right away to paste the links i talked about.

Again, feel free to contribute and comment.


hadn’t time to post this earlier but here is Something pretty interesting i think :

As you all know named bearers are now the most tanky thralls of the game with their 9900 HP pool.

But they are actually not as skillfull (combatwise), as captains/ volcano named fighters/ and dalinsas.

  • Their base damage seems to be really close to the base damage of berserkers which is pretty good actually,

  • BUT, they Don’t act much during combats, nor use combos with any type of weapons you might give them.
    So, in term of DPS they are def not as good as the others mentionned before.

You’d better take a captain or a daicas for boss farming as their dps will largely compensate the lack of HP they have compared to named bearers…and they are pretty beefy anyways.


I always take a T4 bearer with me. I just want them to tank mainly, and they have the added advantage of being able to carry a ton of stuff. I like to shoot a few arrows as my bearer tanks. Then I will run in and do melee. Once I get too much attention, I will just use my shield till my bearer takes agro again. Rinse, repeat.

I prefer to do most of the fighting, just don’t want a boss stuck on me, as I really can’t handle too many hits from some of the larger bosses.

But i don’t disagree with the facts that a fighter, fighters better. Just haven’t needed the fighter (I have several T4’s and they are awesome fighters, but they can hardly carry anything).

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As a note:

Dalinsia is the best thrall-catcher in the game. Given a steel truncheon with the Advanced Blunt fitting:

  • She performs combos with the truncheon.

  • She is able to down a T1 Forgotten Tribe in one blow.

  • She is able to down a T2 Forgotten tribe with one combo.

  • She is able to down a T3 Forgotten tribe with one combo and one additional hit.

  • She is able to down a T4 Asagarth Cheiftain in two combos, and another Dalinsia in three.

  • From my estimates, this is three times faster than N’butu, the other thrall who would use the truncheon.

Cimmerian Berzerker, Captain and Pelor (t4 bearer) thralls will use a truncheon once, then stop using it (just pull it out and run up to a foe, then stand there).

However, thralls do not use stamina for attacks. This is visible if you inspect them during combat - their bar stays at the full 100 during any attacks.

This means that each attack string is on a timer. They will attack with a combo (or not) and then “pause” for 3-5 seconds, then perform another combo.

It’s my belief that this is where “weapon specialization” is broken.

Additionally, The Sword of Crom is a 121 damage weapon from the Unnamed City. Using this weapon drains all stamina with a single light or heavy attack, even with Grit 50.

Thralls do not use stamina.

The best thrall I’ve found currently for 2H swords is Captain - first due to the nearly 8K health. Second because he can use The Sword of Crom. Third because he combos with the sword. Fourth, he seems natively to do more damage with a 2H weapon than the Cimmerian Berzerker (time to kill on Skeletal Dragon-Man boss is two seconds shorter with Captain).

I’ll let you guys do the math on a 121 damage weapon against boss HP, if the thrall is wearing Epic Heavy Armor. :wink:


What weapon is he using in that example?
Do you let him fight alone for comparison?

Both are using The Sword of Crom, in Epic Heavy Cimmerian Armor.

I use a heavy attack from the Predatory Blade (I haven’t measured, but I believe this is either 1 or 0 damage) to get the bosses attention, then dodge until he hits (one hit will get aggro).

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Understand, so sence the fight is fast, the blade is awsome, he can tank, or do he have problems tanking?

Havnt tried myself, thats why im asking, i use a berserker usually and had hoped he could survice one of those bosses.

The two worst Unnamed City bosses are the Snake Boss, which does massive amounts of damage. He can finish the fight with ~75% health left in epic heavy armor. With something like The Watchblade, he would finish at around 40% health (this is with me assisting).

Second is the huge dragon boss. This is only because he’s so large, he glitches often, and thralls fall into the ground etc. so you have to run far enough away that the thrall’s “tether” snaps him to you, and then resume the attack. He can get down to ~65% health on a bad run, but only lose 10% on a good run.

I’ve only pulled aggro using The Predatory Blade, with STR 30/GRIT 40 build. There are some bosses which have an aggro switch mechanic, the Wight King being the most obvious one. I believe the Skeleton King also just “switches” targets, regardless of damage dealt, but I’ll need to do further experimentation to be sure.


Thanks for the helpful info, i havnt tryed a thrall tank on these new bosses so its good to know.

Just returned after some months break from conan:)

No problem. Realize that on servers, the tank thralls are still glitchy even at the best of times. They only attack when you get hit, or when you deal damage, and sometimes not even then. It gets worse with lower Server FPS and higher ping, of course.

Werent there also changes to named purge thralls, that they work 400%faster or 200%, i read it in some of patch notes so i wonder how valuable they are now

We’re about to get purged, so I’ll have to check. I didn’t see mention of it in the patch notes.

My last purge was just after the patch. In Sepermaru, all I saw were T1/2 mobs with one T3 alchemist and a named archer. I wasn’t as prepared then as I am now :slight_smile:

In my experience, it’s better that the thrall falls through the ground into an invisible pit. The stupid dragon keeps trying to attack the thrall but cannot, and with a two-handed sword the thrall can still reach the dragon’s belly from underground. If the thrall remains aboveground she just dances around the dragon in a useless fashion because she can’t get into a position where she could attack the part of the dragon she’d like. (The same thrall can solo any other boss in the Unnamed City, so she doesn’t have a generally below-average IQ. Just a weakness to very big dragons.)

When/if this happens again, may I ask you to you break your immersion in order to Admin Ghost and fly under the soil?

I was testing thralls, farming chests and building on a live server yesterday. It was near the boss croc in Buccaneer Bay. After my Nordheimer Berserker fought this 3-skull boss successfully at least twice, I moved him up the beach. When I placed him, he fell through the sand. I was able to peek via terrain, and could see him there, swimming placidly in the water below the sand. :exploding_head:

After restart, he’s on the surface right where I placed him. My contribution to this thread thus far is that the Nord Berserker can kill a 3-skull boss under the following conditions:

  1. In cloth with default weapon (hardened 2-hand sword) plus 35 healing arrows.
  2. In Heavy with any weapon including and above his default.
  3. With Sword of Crom he finishes the 3-skull with fewer than 2,300 HP depleted. This boss took 210 points off me in Darfari Epics.
  4. To check the status of the fight, hit the boss in the tail with a healing arrow. It will not buff your guy or the boss but it will show the status again.

do not know if one can capture them on officials, but you can spawn in the bosses using admin on solo/coop as well as private servers. They have 13500 HP. Sadly, they are not as huge as the actual NPC boss size wise. If they can’t be captured, i hope it stays that way. gives some stuff for admins to use as rewards on private servers tbh. Before, the Demon Spider was the only unique thrall/pet, and it was way OP to be given away aws reward or for a set price on privates.

The fall under RelicHunter_TreasureHunter_Boss 1 thru 8. So far that is all i have. I hope to get into the Dev kit and possibly create a spread sheet of all thrall info soon myself to post to WIKI. Hoping to find out the attack power as well if i dig far enough. Data mining, worst hobby ever :slight_smile:

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