New character slot doesn't appear after being bought

Just in case it matters: My account is based in Steam not downloaded client from the site.

I used my OG character to buy 1000 Aurum from the store and then I logged back to the Character select, hit the “Buy character slot button” got the confirmation screen “Do you wish to use this much to buy a character slot” Hit yes and nothing happened. It’s just my one character. the 1000 Aurum is gone and I’m not sure what to do if it worked or if there was a glitch and I’m owed a slot/my aurum back.

Thanks for any help given.

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You’ll probably want to send a petition, because they can take care of account and payment issues there. Exactly how long you might be waiting, that’s up in the air. Timeliness isn’t exactly their strong suit nowadays, sadly.

You have to restart the client for newly purchased character slots to show up.


Yep, as Aeryl said, you’ll have to completely restart the client. You won’t see it until you do, even if you logged in and out of another character or managed to reload the UI.


I had the same problem, my new slot appeared the next time I started the game. It was quite a fright when the slot didn’t appear insatantly.

I hope you get the slot without further problems!

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