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So today while I had made one of the statues that are included in the dlc, the medium size round one that has the octopus woman fight, it won’t place down on foundations. I had plenty of space either saying not enough contact with the ground or the other message saying it’s overlapping another object (paraphrasing). Does anyone have a suggestion in order to get it to place down?. Cause I gave up, the area I used got ridiculously big, and it still wouldn’t place.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.craft the statue
2.try to place on foundations
3.get the typical placement error messages no matter how you turn it or twist it.

It’s not necessarily a bug, certainly not related to this patch. Pre-patch, the same thing was happening with altars, pet pens, etc. I already placed one fountain with the medusa statue.

If you want to place it on foundations you should adjust your structure height a bit (on PC you can use shift + mouse scroll to lower or raise your object, not sure what you use on PS4). Also make sure you don’t collide it with your character.

Have fun.

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