New DLC with PS4 broken

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So you release a PS4 patch that, although it fixes a few things, it does not solve the main issue: we cannot play because it freezes and we lose our progress. And after that, you go on vacation… but hey, why not release a second DLC to a broken game to make even more money?

This is ridiculous. Fix your game or give us our money back, but stop asking for more money. You release 2 DLCs in less than 2 months, when your PS4 players cannot play. You should be ashamed. Enjoy your holidays!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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2nd dlc is available for purchase?

Next month The Jewel of the West Pack brings Aquilonian grandeur to Conan Exiles

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Those columns are straight sexy.

just sayin’

Yeah, they actually are.