New encounter or just a bug?

I (5k gaming hours) was refreshing my port bases on server 1027, when I spawned into a raider attack along the Broken Highway . I have an open Tavern there to welcome new players. It is/was guarded by maxxed out Dalinsia, Lian and a Fleetfoot dancer. They killed 12+ T3 Raiders with good loot, Lian also got killed. I saw no tornado, no dark clouds, no fog, no empty purge base and no pineapple, just a battle of humans in the sunshine. Btw, what armor is that? What event or encounter or bug is that? Sry, no data or better screenshots available - it was too quick…


Wrong game forum. But maybe you should try this one.

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Pls give forum where you would post this issue?

Maybe try looking at the name of the game you’ve spent 5k hours on, and then look for the correct forum? shrug