New Headhunter camp merchants

With the Testlive update, some new merchants have appeared at the Khitan Exile camps, selling some interesting stuff.

Skulker’s End - Frostshot & Bracer of the Mad Prophet
Ruins of al-Merayah - Axe of the Lion & Black Blood Sickle
Flotsam - Black Blood Skinning Knife & ??? (missing a merchant)
Sepermeru - Sandals of the Mad Prophet & Baal-pteor’s Razor
Black Galleon - Eye of the Khan & Black Blood Pick
The Den - Black Blood Hatchet & El’s Drinker
Thugra’s Stand - Warspear of the Black Circle & ??? (missing a merchant)
New Asagarth - Glimmermoon & Helm of the Mad Prophet
Volcano - ??? & ??? (missing both new merchants)
Descent of Dagon - Tasset of the Mad Prophet & Forgelight


You might update this.

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