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I’m primarily a PvE type of person, not interested in PvP gameplay. So my interests are more towards creative building and making interesting or good looking bases and towns. I’m an artist, so it’s more about the creative flow.

Been playing for some time and some things are just frustrating. There are annoying snapping issues and rotating options locked out sometimes. Forces you to use workarounds and wastes time for no good reasons.

Now that my intro has been said, lets get to some suggestions.

  1. Creative Mode. Ignite Teleport pad does nothing. Every time I click this, it tells me I have to select something, but I can’t select anything and then use this. I’m using a controller and this option seems ether unintuitive or not working properly.

  2. Simple Pillars. They should snap to the middle and corners of foundations and ceiling tiles. Using the workaround to offset the pillars is kind of annoying and wastes time just to get the aesthetics right.

  3. Foundations. You should be allowed to put walls and doors around foundations, just like you’re able to put foundation walls around them. You have the workaround by putting walls first, but you should be able to do the opposite too.

  4. Sloping Walls. Many times have I tried to place these things and they are increasingly frustrating to work with. Sometime you can get the right angle, but you can’t rotate them. Sometimes you can’t get the right angle, but the opposite sloping walls piece has no problem. These piece should be swappable with their counterpart, as the sides are just different anyways.

  5. Stone Fence and Crenelated Wall. You should be able to put these on doorways to create a balcony look. You have the workaround by placing The Aesir Support Frames and then swapping the pieces, but this should be allowed automatically.

  6. Arena Ceilings. When placing theses things, the top half ruins the look of the floor on the next level above. Maybe add an additional type of building piece called Flooring that snaps only to Foundations and Ceilings that just slightly offset to cover the floors to change the look of them. When ether the ceiling or floor piece is destroyed, they remove/destroy the counterpart that’s attached.

  7. Arena Celling Arches. Feels like this is missing pieces. The smaller arches seem to only make small hallways. Feels like there should be pieces to make small undergrounds rooms, similar pieces to the alcove and arch ceilings.

  8. Arena Ramps/Roof. Adding Ramps, Inverted Ceiling Ramps, and Inverted Ceiling Wedge Ramps would be a great addition to this entire set. Currently, this is one of the best sets that looks like a castle and having those ramps common with castle walls would compliment the aesthetics.

  9. Forlorn Crypt. This set feels extremely limited and restrictive. there are many pieces that seem to me missing as a whole.

The Lost Dungeon Doorframe. I cant rotate this piece when placing them between three doorframes and this automatically snaps. This really restricts the way you can use these type of pieces. Also, these pieces are quite unique, for the cramped space look of dungeon designs. Adding a 4 way intersection, 3 way intersection, and corner intersection would broaden a maze like design.

The Lost Dungeon Staircase. Please add a mirror staircase, the common Right/Left versions to enhance symmetry in building dynamics. Also, the addition of a middle pillar without stairs to add to tops of the staircase would be nice.

The Lost Dungeon Alcove and Curved Walls. The addition of a curved staircase adds more dynamics to building with the curved walls. An addition of a unique piece could enhance this type of building piece. Right and Left Alcoves with Half-Doorway-Like frames cut out from the sides. Not really doorway frames, but an alternate style, when combines together creates the look of a door to an alcove enclosed space. This would create an igloo like affect and could also be used to make some interesting aesthetics when combines with normal alcove corners.

Lost Dungeon Cell walls. Maybe add a new ceiling piece to look like the top of a cage. That way you can just make cages with the other parts.

Lost Dungeon Walls. Please make a single wall without something on the back, those inside pieces are hideous when liming entire walls. Peoples eyes have a tendency to notice patters and having too many on the walls in an entire room becomes an eyesore. They’re more like accent pieces, not something you would see on an entire walls.

Lost Dungeon Doors and Windows. Please make Single Wall and Door Frames with the thin version, rather then the thick version. The dark stone is a nice look and isn’t always going to be a dungeon build.

  1. Doorframes. Please make more double doors and frames for every style. The small doorway in large rooms look odd and having only 4 story tall gateways as an alternative is too much. The addition of double doorframes was good and this should be standardized across all styles.

  2. Stair Railings. Why aren’t there any railings to add to simple staircases? These should be similar styles to the Crenelated Walls and Fences. Sometimes I want to make 2x, 3x or even 4x thick staircases. The generic already railing staircases look odd when you use them this way.

  3. Stairs, Stages, Ramps. Please make inverted pieces and wedge piece so we can make more interesting designs and frame builds better. Not everyone wants to make everything look like a square box.

  4. Nemedian Library Bookcase. This is bugged. It switches between different lineups, but when you press okay it’s completely different set to what you confirmed. Also, the bookshelves that I put objects on somehow reset and now it looks funny with the objects overlapping. Something is wrong here. They also don’t snap to foundation walls, like they do regular walls.

  5. When I enter the game, I have to reset the control settings every single time, because my rotation sensitivity won’t save. My character turns very slowly and this getting annoying pretty quickly.

  6. Stormglass. The Large Pillars can’t be placed next to Foundation walls. This really ruins the aesthetics foundation walls gives to my rooms. Especially since Stormglass foundation walls looks like wainscoting.

  7. Wolfman Insignia. Has screwed up diffuse map. It looks nothing like it should look compared to the other insignias.

If you have gotten this far, thanks for reading. Now I’m off to build. Wish me Luck!!


Welcome to the Forum @StormReaver . Several sets could use a extra piece or more. Purchased Aesir set recently Several pieces require a work around. PS5.


These and their inverted counterparts are the most frustrating building pieces to deal with. Been this way for far too long.


Thanks for the welcome. The Aesir Set looks really good. Haven’t used it much yet, as I’m currently obsessed with the Stormglass and Arena sets.


Use some Turan as well. It fits perfectly with these sets and it has a beautiful reflection of light in floors. It reflects like polished black granite and it gives luxury and class on your floors.


If you are on PC you should check Multigun’s mods. After you try building with them you will probably never play vanilla again.

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So true! Ps5 has render issues and for a moment sandstone foundations become black. If i could change colors it would be amazing!!!

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