New idea for “survival” knowledge : gold panning kit

Finding gold is not easy in the lands of exile (unlike Siptah), you either have to go to the volcano (difficult for low levels) or find gold coins in chests.
Why not implement a gold panning kit into the game ? the kit would work exactly like a fish trap, except that stones would be placed in it instead of worms. so that it is not too easy the drop rate would be quite low. I would find that quite nice.


Gold and silver are too easy to acquire, especially on Siptah. These precious metals should be very rare.

That said, I am not opposed to a gold panning mechanic, though it should be active, not passive, as gold panning does not require bait or fuel, it requires time. It should only be capable of recovering gold dust, though I also think 60 gold dust should be able to be smelted down into a gold bar in a furnace.

However, new mechanics do not magically spawn into the game if they sound interesting. The question is, would it add enough to the game to be worth development time and resources? I am not so sure that it could be justified.

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On the Isle of Siptah, precious metals are abundant. In the Exiled Lands, they’re available in only a very few limited places.

I don’t think a new game mechanic is really needed to fix that, however. Just sprinkle some gold nodes around the Exiled Lands - not as much as on Siptah, though. Maybe another area for silver, too.

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