New Information about bug

Just some added information about the assertion error that occurs in the MemoryManager.cpp file. It appears to be related to my Elementalism abilities. It appears to occur often when I have alternate abilities (like when riding Ricky Pagan’s bike) and after I re-load, my heat level indicator often does not work properly. I often cannot overheat (no lockout at maximum heat) and my heat meter does not go down normally; only when I use cold abilities. I also notice that often when I am out of combat after encountering the bug and resetting the game client that my supercooler passive stays active long after I have left combat. This stops me from entering sprint mode for several seconds up to about ten seconds in some instances.

Not sure how these are interconnected, or even if they are in the code but it has happened so often to me after encountering the assertion error bug and resetting the game client that it appears to be more than just random elements.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


The “passive stays active after combat ends” happens with my Chaos abilities too. If I get duplicates, I’m in combat until they go away even if all enemies have died.

Can’t help with the assert though - have not encountered it.

I have been told it is a bug only with nVidia hardware. I also use the DX9 client as the DX11 one just crashes to desktop randomly with no errors or warning. The assertion error actually generates an error and a report popup, but I have never been able to successfully send a report as I always get a server error when I try it.


This matches the description of the “Frozen Figurine” focus. Are you using one of those?

No, I am using a Totemic Hell Lord. My heat normally goes up and down, it just seems to stop going down after I re-log after one of these bugs and crashes. It goes up and I cannot overheat again, but it only goes down if I use a cold ability. Really makes blasting MoBs a lot quicker, I can tell you but I know it is not supposed to work that way. Could also be tied with Supercooler passive as that also has some aforementioned glitches with it.