Calorimetry is negated by supercooler


Calorimetry passive is supposed to set the base heat at 15. Combining it with the passive supercooler nullifies this heat keeping it at zero.

Actually any ice ability will remove this bonus base heat if heat meter is low enough.


I think this is working as intended. Have you tried not combining Calorimetry with ice passives?


The fact that is tries to tick up to 15 and is instantly erased by supercooler should be an obvious clue its not working as intended.


I used this combo for a few months and really enjoyed them, Supercooler worked as it always had (I’ve alwayes used it) and CalorieMeter gave me my constant +15 with no problems from Supercooler. Ive also used it with lingerng frost.

I stopped using the combo a few months ago, but it worked well then, and never did what you’re describing - not denying your experience - just wanted to establish that I have used them together well.

My first suggestion would be to look at your other passives (and actives, weapon type) as well, look for another something that could be involved? I’ll be watching this thread to see if you can find anythng - very interested


Put simply, nothing should be able to reduce your heat below 15 when Calorimetry is slotted. Base Heat of 15 means that should be the lowest it goes.

Do me a favor. Slot it and use ice beam. Does heat go below 15?

Another test you can do. Go to KM or SC and let a few zombies beat on you. With Supercooler slotted, every 5 seconds you will lose 10 heat (at max stacks ofc).

The only thing I’ve successfully verified does not reduce heat below 15 is the natural heat dissipation process. Simply equip Caloriemtry (and literally nothing else) and it will stay at 15.

This fact is what suggests to me that it is a bug. If natural heat cannot lower it, why do other sources? Of course, you can argue the other way, perhaps natural heat dissipation should also go below 15, everything else does.

Then the problem becomes, what is the point of having a passive that puts you at 15 base heat only out of combat? Because, yes that is literally what the description states out-of-combat. Of course, it also says “Your internal temperature runs hotter than the average person.”, perhaps it should have an addendum “until you use a heat reducing passive/ability, at which point you must wait 15 seconds to attain that 15 base heat once more.” since it ticks heat up at 1 per second.

See above.


OK, so I tossed a passive and put Caloriemetric back in.
My heat level instantly jumped to 15
It was steady at 15
Then I fireballed a group of ghouls and let the survivor wack at me for a while
Without using any abillities Caloric was raising my heat level like 1 per sec, but it never got to 15 while ‘in combat’ because ever so often Supercool would whoosh it back down to zero.
When I eventually killed the ghoul, my heat climbed back up to 15

This looks correct to me - Caloriemetric is to give you that initial boost to 15, but that’s all it does, and it was doing that just fine. (also the caloric initial damage of 2048 happened correctly)

EDIT: Note in the ability description - that Calorimetry raises your base out-of-combat heat level to 15 - it does not prevent it from going below 15.

Either you’re seeing something different, or one of us is missing something. At any rate, I’m IP 750 so your mileage may vary…

Hope that helps!


Yes I had already mentioned that in my reply above. Regardless, it still feels broken to me. Why bother designing a passive that struggles against other passives and abilities.

If it was not intended to retain that base 15 heat in-combat why does it continuously try to get back up there once it goes under 15. Once combat starts, it shouldn’t even bother.

Why does it instantly jump to 15 once, but then only increases heat by 1 per second afterward?

Either way, there’s a bug somewhere, or at the very least a conceptual design flaw.


Not to draw this out too long, but I used the combo (Supercooler and Calorimetry) for probably 3 months and was very impressed with the benefit of starting combat 15 heat up and the added initial-hit damage . The only reason I stopped using it is because I changed my build.

So, ditch Calorimetry if you don’t like it, but look at the active skill Flashpoint (a clicky that gives 3s of damage as if max heat). It’s another way towards heat-bonus, and it’s a good one to have as a swap-out skill. The only problem is timing, because you can waste it on a slow cast.

Otherwise, there’s not a lot of help for getting the heat bonuses from skills, but look to the various special weapons - lots of heat management there.

Good luck!