Dealing with the heat in the volcano

I have the basics down. I’m wearing epic flawless heat protect armor, I’m building in heat protect pieces, I got water and supplies of ice lying about. However I’ve built in a difficult inaccessible spot and I’m constantly moving between Very Hot (when using ice), Extremely Hot (when outside) and Heatstroke (when not using the right armor). Is there anything else I can do increase passive heat resistance? I keep any open flames far from the living and working space.

that’s exactly the temperature you should be at when wearing “classical heat resist armors”. Only the silent legion armor (an heavy one you get from the black keep dungeon) allows you to stay cooler in this area.

The 20 vitality perk will help a bit.

The glowing torches provide a little bit of a cooling effect so if you put enough in and outside of your base with your armor, you should keep yourself at hot when in and around your base.

Of course if you’re using furnaces and such inside your base, that will completely negate the glowing torches affect.

I tried looking up the cooling effect of glow-sticks, witchfire torches and radium gems, but don’t know which is best for cooling. I know they don’t give off heat but I’m not sure they actually cool down the environs.

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I’m not sure on the difference between glowing torches and radium gems. However witchfire torches don’t provide any effect, cooling or heating.

A you can also try adding a sandstone room. I find it cools the best, then put glowing torches. It’s too bad you can’t put an ice box in the rooms for airconditioning


as told, you can craft yourself legion armor.
yoi can purchase the aquillonian dlc aswell and use that armor.
weapons and shields can help aswell, acheronian shield and axe for example have a small effect, you can also grind for the legendary shield mistmourne, it has a major impact, it will bring down your temperature 1-2 “stages”
I would suggest ice tea for drinking, for eating you could make dafari-bug- soup, it is the only food with cooling effect in the game, you need to collect those big bugs though (don’t know the english word for them) which can be annoying simce you have to collect them yourself, the best way getting them is teleporting to the blue obelisk and then going east on the northside of the river, try it yourself if this part is worth the effort for you :slight_smile:

I’m mainly using Ice. The base is mostly Hardened Brick, so it has temp effects. I’m using witchfire torches and in fully enclosed buildings the temperature goes down to hot for (non-silent legion) armor. I should probably try to fully enclose everything, or at least as much as reasonable.

I’m still trying to confirm this with DevKit, but based on my experiments, building blocks raise or lower your temperature, per block that you’re within one block’s radius of, by roughly this much:

  • Sandstone: -5
  • Stonebrick: -2
  • Reinforced Stone: +0
  • Insulated Wood: +3
  • Black Ice Reinforced Wood: +1

So yeah, even if all you did was put a sandstone floor and a couple of interior walls in one interior room, that’d buy you some cooling. The only static placeable items I found that could lower temperature perceptibly (no matter what they say) were the witchfire torches, which seem to lower temperature by about -3 or so, but only in a very tiny radius around them.

All of those numbers are estimates; I’m still trying to pry the temperature data out of devkit. It’s a very slow and frustrating process.

Im skeptical about those numbers since with my present base I started in sandstone and upgraded to reinforced stone and that resulted in a little bit of cooling.

yeah, reinforced brick definetly cools you down, I do not think it is as complicated as stated above, I think it is a fix value once the “home symbol” is full

This perk is bugged, in SP coop mode at least, i just checked it sthing like 10 days ago and it appeared there was no difference at all before and after having unlocked the perk. i noticed it in the frost temple.

Not surprising. Lower tier heat resistant armor (aquilonian dlc or conan royal armor) doesn’t give any cooling effect either, compared to naked around my base by the Den. Darfari light armor does give the cooling effect though.

Before the recent heat and cold extremes, I could run around in epic Aquilonian (non-dlc) armor in the Volcano area. Also used to be able to wear non-epic armor in the cold without frostbite (or having to use warming foods).

i was wearing epic flawless zammorian in the north and epic flawless dafari in the volcano. I had exactly the same resistance before as after the perk while wearing one of thoses 2 armors in the appropriate biome. if we trust the description of the perk, we should see a very noticeable difference once reached this lvl 20 vitality perk.
It’s a perk 90% of the players will have gotten anyway because of the next vitality perk, but still, we shouldn’t count on this perk for more survivbility apparently, which is a pity.
i only know for coop mode since i didn’t bother checking other modes yet, and i won’t since i’m not going online anytime soon…
Feel free to confirm if you have the opportunity when online, in coop it is bugged.

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I don’t blame you for being skeptical of my numbers; I don’t entirely trust them myself. They were experimentally derived: I built 1x1x1 boxes out of all five materials and compared the temperature inside to the temperature outside.

I’m poking around in DevKit now to try to figure out what the actual numbers are. Building pieces are still baffling me, that’s today’s project. But I did find something interesting in the placeables: witchfire torches, which are supposed to lower the temperature around them, are bugged, they don’t reduce temperature at all. (There was a dev in the modder discord when I was asking about this, and he confirmed the bug and wrote it down when I pointed it out.) So that won’t help you either.

Glowing Goop standing torches do lower temperature around them. By one degree. In a radius of less than half a meter around them. (Technically it’s one meter, but it’ll round down to zero past the half-meter mark.) In practice you could cram enough of them into a tiny space around you to get about a 4 to 6 degree cooling effect – pretty negligible.

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