Heat resistant armor for the volcano?

Playing around in the volcano has never been my strong suit, but it interests me. I currently have Impervious and a full suit of light/medium flawless epic armor with flex kits for climbing.

To climb the Well of Skellos from the outside continuously would require the climbing boots and gloves and reduce my heat resistance. Granted, a minor goal since I could easily fight my way up, just an interest.

So, my question is: does an armor set exist that gives more heat protection than light/medium as defined above?

I don’t see anything better on the Wiki, so thought I would ask the experts.

Thanks in advance, and regards


I don’t think that there is. Have you tried the gliding joints (improved flex kit) on the armor. I personally like the Reinforced Skelos Armor but it only supplies 2 heat protection.

No, I have not found a good need for the gliding joints, but if they are better than the mountaineer gear, I may be able to use a full set of heat resistance. Good idea, thanks !



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Very effective, Spartan. Glinding joints on flawless epic medium chestpiece and britches, light boots, gloves and helmet surpass the use of advanced flex kits on the same armor replacing two pieces with mountaineer gear. All while retaining the full heat resistance.

Fingerfang Rock was non-stop with more remaining stamina than the latter setup.

Prepare to be whipped, armorer !




Why climb the well of skelos all the way outside?
There is a wayvto climb from second floor to 3rd only!!! I do it in heavy armour (ussually pictish warchief)…

No particular reason, it was just there, like the mountain. I did the climb this morning, all outside, grabbed the schems and made my way back down. I did agro 2 NPCs, but they were just distractions.

The worst part was finding my lava crossing point on the way back, lol.




Climbing gear gives a single tick of heat resistance, was it not enough?

I just started exploring the Volcano myself, so this question became relevant to me too. Thanks for posting the question, Jim, and thanks for the good advice, Wak4863.

“Because it was there” is a perfectly good reason.

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There is really no reason to use it… Trust me, was there several times. Volcano is my 2nd home :smiley:

You have steps (inner or outside) and only 1 time you need to climb. Was no problem using medium armor… Should even work with heavy armor.

And if you go into the Dungeon itself, I would recommend a thrall. Because otherwise you can get killed in the loading screen when you leave the dungeon…

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