Resistance Meter bug

Game mode: Online | Multiplayer on
Problem: Bug
Region: official server 1549

I noticed the Temperature Meter in my character stats keep changing.
I tried with 5 pieces of “Vanir Settler” armour, 5 Pieces of “Light” armour, 5 pieces of “Kambojan Shaman” armor
The Meter never stay consistant. With full Vanir example : i was at 2 Cold bar, removed a piece than re-equipped it, meter went to 2 Heat, or 0 heat/cold, or 1 Heat.
Even just moving in my base the meter sometimes changed, no change to armour just moving around.
Naked i was at 5 Heat, equipped “Light” armour, went down to 3 Heat.

I have the Impervious perk.

Being inside your base can change what is displayed on that meter as some materials protect against heat or cold. Black ice pieces have cold resistance, for example.

I haven’t noticed any changes on the meter when outside and wearing the same set. A full set of Vanir always shows 2 for me and a full set of Exceptional Vanir always shows 3.
Mixing my Exceptional Vanir with Climbing Gear always shows 2.

There probably is a bug though. The resistance shown on armors makes no sense.
All Vanir shows 1 bar, yet adds up to 2, 3 or 4 depending on if it’s normal, exceptional or flawless quality. Someone at Funcom can’t math.

If we’re getting fractions of whole bars, they really should use a different method to display elemental resistance. Perhaps numbers… How novel.