New market place in the north

Can wr get some vendors in the frozen north and highlands. Maybe someone that sells brimstone x amount for 1 or 5 gold coins. Maybe more pet venders ect ect


I would not be against some merchants in the north.
But still, the southern merchants in Sepermeru are still useless at my opinion. Theyr prices are way to hight, and most stuff they have isn’t a deal at all. So yes for role-play purpose maybe, but otherwise i prefer gather my stuff.


the only merchants I have found are pets, drinks, and relegion stuff…are there more? if so, where? and what do the sell?

For the religions i don’t call them merchants, but you have the merchants at Sepermeru and the pirates, these in the desert and these in jungle.

The only i’m mostly interesting are for the pets, or eggs. I didn’t never care for ice-tea or rhino-hides, way to overpriced at my opinion.

This page may help get a view of different merchants, not sure if absolutely all are up-to-date, placement especially.

In Set City for one, they sell overpriced stuff like herbal tea, glass orbs, elephant skins to name a few off the top of my head. But way overpriced, It’s sort of the Beverly Hills shopping district.

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thank you, will look once this loads again…playing on PS4, it freezes all the time now. play like 10 mins. have to reload then repeat. but when it reloads again, will check

thanks, gotta find this Set city…will wander, if it stops freezing on me

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