New movement and dodge = best state of combat and fun gameplay

The dev team really nailed it this time, the new momentum based movement adds a tactical element to the combat and realism feel to overall movement. The game changed to be even more enjoyable with this new movement mechanics.

Can’t forget to compliment the team on the dodge, it’s perfect, with the right skill you can pull off so much epic combat with the new dodge! I dare say it’s better than the old super fast and super long dodge in that it allows more control of the battlefield as you dont roll as much farther. It’s easier to use near edges and dont fall and also to counter attack after a roll.

Lets not forget horses and mounted combat, I feel like old school mount and blade again. Just had an epic rhino mounted hunt with bow and iron corsesque! When you learn to drift the horse and hit with passes it feels so epic!

Honestly this is the best Christmas game update I can remmember, thank you so much!


No it is not!

99% of the time with play pve and farm ressources … slower due to this.

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