New on this forum and a question about Isle of Siptah(regarding Castaway Camp and Thralls)

Hello! This is my first post on this forum as I’ve enjoyed Conan Exiles a lot with friends over the last few months and read the latest post about the Isle of Siptah(“Isle of Siptah - A Place of Mysteries and Horror”) that had me musing about an excerpt:

“But you will be far from alone in this new wilderness. In the north of the island there is a camp of castaways where many have gathered, and you can buy some ale at the tavern. You can find Valeria of the Red Brotherhood here, who may share what she has learned of this inscrutable island.”

It’s clear from the wording of this excerpt that it sounds like this camp of Castaway will be the new “Serpermeru” of the expansion, a “safezone” one can visit without (usually) being attacked outright.

However, I was wondering if there could be a chances of it being akin to the small platform/enclave in Flotsam(especially with how the camp seem to be established enough that one can “buy” ale) where merchants might allow you to hire mercenaries?

I do know that the main loop for recruiting thralls seem to be through sorcerous surges, but the Isle of Siptah also seem to have a heavy focus on raiding ruins for relics and treasures. I could not help but think that it could be another interesting(and still very fitting of that low-fantasy sword and sorcery, ruins-exploring, genre) gameplay loop if you could take the loot found in the ruins to hire mercenaries at the Castaway Camp that could then allow you to raid more of these Vaults and ruins to get more loot to hire more mercenaries?

Especially since on multiplayer server this could still see a degree of rivality, if not outright PVP, as rival clans of ruins explorers might come into conflict with each others as they end up at times respectively racing for the treasures of the same ruins(or even try to stake specific ruins as “their” territory to raid and loot)?

Alternatively: Whether or not it will be possible to hire NPCs, will players however be able to capture the NPCs of that camp to take as thralls as they can do in Serpermeru or will every NPCs there be “protected” in the same fashion than dialogue NPCs?

Hey there,

The Surge is the only way to capture thralls. But, you may be able to obtain its power for yourself :smirk:


Thanks for the response!

Also, now that I recognize your name, can your Chosen of Asura stop spawning in Sinner’s Refuge? We’re trying to capture other thralls but we’ve long since stopped counting how often we encounter “Lethdol Twox, Speaker of Asura” there XD

((I’m joking of course, but to see the person after whom that NPC is named after respond to my post has definitely brought me a smile to my face today because that NPC -has- been spawning a lot on my server as of late XD ))

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Pray to Asura for many Chosen of Asura to come…

(and RNG gods, also pray to the RNG gods).

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