New PC Conan Exiles Server using Gportal looking for players to join and help build

New Server Opening

Bricrue’s Land of the Exiled

What do we offer?

A controlled PvP enviorment. This allows for some who like PvP to participate in it, as well as no PvP for those who are not a fan of it. We mainly have PvP for the freedom and a tool to help in aspects of roleplaying.

Level 60 characters! Getting tired of leveling up every time you switch a server? Well on this one, you are welcome to level from 1 to 60 or have the choice of starting out and bypassing all the grind to get to 60!
Also being at level 60 help build roleplay stories. For example: Perhaps you have grown tired of your character and want to make a new one, so a story is developed where your character is killed off. Rather then deleting and starting from the start, you become a new level 60 character in the game!

We run Pippi! You know that great mod that most people can’t seem to live without? But what about those Thespians? Anyone ever been given the opportunity to create your own talking Thespian? Probably not because most servers don’t allow it! I’m willing to train you and allow you to create some amazing characters to help bring your base to life!

Worried about no land left to build? Well don’t be! Since we just opened this server a week ago and are still in the recruitment stages, there is lots of land choices to chose from.

This server will have the following mods:

All the Little Things
We use this mod to add some quests items as well as some keys that can be used on locks.

Gives the players the ability to customize your NPC’s to better fit with the home they are living in. Getting tired of the same looking NPC’s or just wanting a worker NPC to have a different outfit on? Well with this mod, you have full control over your NPC’s and the way they look! No more do two Thralls have to look alike.

Yes there is the freedom of being able to make your fantasies come true, but our main focus is not ■■■. We give the freedom to the players to chose if they want to or not, but mainly we use this mod for some of the animations

This mod is under testing and may not be needed. However it doesn’t seem to really change how the game performs and some of the newer colors are wonderful for out Class/Caste system

Tired of wearing ugly armor that goes against how you feel your character should look? Well now you can wear that ugly armor but at the same time retain the clothing/armor look you like. This mod allows you to chose an outfit that you fancy and then wear any other armor styles out there and have it not effect your appearance. Run around naked if you want and still be well armored up!

Immerse RP & Building Decor
Even though Conan has some great decorations to help build the home of your dreams, this mod adds even more! Grab a merchant tent and setup shop in our merchant town, or find many other decorations to help bring to life that home you want.

Immersice Sexiles Extendions
Provides a few new items for building such as cages you can build and open. Design your own prison or dungeon to hold your captives in.

Pippi - User & Server Management
Who doesn’t play without Pippi? This mod has brought so much entertainment to the game. Yet, it seems more admins and server owners don’t let most players dive into some of the Thespian features. So for those are knowledge on building Thespians and having them talk or send you on quests. We are allowing this tool to be given out for those who enjoy playing with it. And for those who do not understand the Mushii editor, I’ll be happy to teach you. Again… How many server actually offer that to their players?

Slaver mod contains some useful tool we use such as restraints to put on your warrior thralls to keep them from attacking visitors. Wanting to build a tavern and have people come visit but worry about those thralls of your shooting them down before they can buy a drink? Well, there are ways of keeping them in check and they will just look that outsider down but not lay a harm on a single hair of their head.

Unlock Plus
Pickup items you put down and realized later that its crooked. Well with this mod you can pick those back up and replace them down without breaking them and rebuilding it. Also works well on walls to help when you run into building mistakes. The mod also gives you a way to unlock or lock some of your doors, chests, and even workstations to allow non members of guilds to use them. Think about that tavern you wanted, yet you would have to hire a door man to open the door anytime a visitor came to visit. Well now you can lock the door during closing hours, and unlock it during business hours!

Sever is the official Conan Exiles server using Gportal. For those who are not familiar with Gportal, its the server recommended by the game Conan Exiles and is considered official servers. I also had a recent hardware upgrade and the game runs very smooth. We have tested this on people who are outside the country, as well as those on low end laptops and had no complaints.

Visit with me on Discord at for more information about the server.

We would really love to hear your feedback, suggestion and ideas to help build this server up. Even if your looking for a secondary server to take a break from your primary from time to time, come join us! Enjoy our tavern nights and of course the Gladiator days. We offer so much and I’m sure with all of your help we could really build an amazing community, but as of right now… We just opened this up a week ago and this is my first attempt to see if anyone would even be interested.

We have lots of land to build on. Server is located in US and we even tested the performance on someone who does not live in this country and it still runs wonderful. Come post your thought, your ideas… Help us grow into something you can really enjoy. I’m willing to put a lot of work into this server, I just need you the players to come be a part of it.

And if I mentioned before, even if you are currently playing on a server but sometimes need a break. Come join us as a secondary server. I’m on quite a bit to answer questions and listen to your ideas. So please share them!

This server is private but that shouldn’t restrict you from getting on. All you have to do is contact me and I’ll show you the way.


I might have missed, but where is your server located?

Server is located in US West but I have a guy who plays from England and he said the game runs just fine for him. He does get a little more of a ping then I do, but the game is still playable for him.

Visit with me on Discord at for more information about the server.

Just for those concerned about server performance. I’m thinking about opening up a temporary copy of my world to allow some to jump on and take a look and see how things run. I really think that the Gportal server that I have is running quite well. When I did notice some performance issues they were quick to upgrade the hardware to help things run better. I understand that some may even think I’m running too many mods. I tried to limit as many as I could and believe me when I say there were way more then that before and we were still running fine. But I am very much open to suggestions and ideas to help build a great server. Come cast your voice and let me know what your looking for!

Visit with me on Discord at for more information about the server.