New player here

Hello all, technically I’m not a new player as I played a little back around 2005 but it’s been a very long time so I can say I’m pretty new again. I used to be in a group called Valor Eternal, not sure if they’re still around or not but if they are I’d like to say hello.

There’s a few things I’d like to ask since I just jumped in the game a little bit before work and now I have no idea what I’m doing at all, a few things seem familiar but much has changed. Is there a good beginner guide around somewhere? A lot of the info I’m pulling up seems very dated and some of the guides I used don’t seem to be around anymore. How is the pop? Curious about this to figure out what type of character to roll with, any suggestions for a good beginner class would be great to get me on my feet.

I also may be looking to join a group of players (guild, clan?) since I know nobody anymore that even plays this. I remember loving this game and it’s community when I played before, would hang out at reets all the time.

So I think that’s it, any tips advice you can give will also be greatly appreciated. Just really looking forward to getting that old school MMO feel back since AC closed down servers and I just can’t stand the unimaginative cookie cutter classes of the new school MMOs. Thanks!

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Hello hello, and welcome back! I remember Valor Eternal by name from bygone days, but I can’t say I’ve seen any of them running around RK5 lately.

These are all understandable questions, and I’ll start by way of sharing a few links to some guides. You’re right: the old guides are a little out of date (NB, the old forums’ profession academies are here), but there are some aspiring tutors out there. :slight_smile:

The indomitable Caloss2 has a wealth of AO tips not limited to the new starter area quests, where things are and how to run AO properly:

Higain’s fr00b engineer guide contains information that can be applied to other professions as well:

And then, of course, if you remember the IP system but need a reminder, here’s a gaggle of people discussing their tastes in IP spending:

To answer you more directly, MA is as simple and cheap as it gets as a starting profession, and enforcers aren’t too bad either. The good thing about the Subway these days (you will find it in ICC, not in sided cities) is that there are good weapon drops in there, so you might as well pick whatever non-nano profession you like the best and go on a rampage for a while to get your bearings in there. You’ll be looking for “Illegally Modified Ofab …” weapons.

The population on RK5 (a merge of all RK1 and RK2; Die Neue Welt was taken out earlier) depends a lot on what time you’re playing at. A couple of hours ago, I’ve been told, is prime playing time: that said, to a clanner Old Athen rarely seems to sleep, and the same is kind of true about ICC and Borealis. Teaming generally happens either on on LFT (Shift + F opens the LFT window: that must be new to you too) or the old-fashioned way of asking around.

As for orgs, if you’re clanside, Topics tagged recruitment has some obvious examples. On the Omni side, I know about only one org constantly recruiting (they have a recruiting bot set up in OT OOC – can’t miss it); I think the First or Last Element on the neutral side (also have a recruiting bot).

(If you’re a fr00b, give @WAusJackBauer a nudge. He revels in fr00bdom.)

That all said, thanks for reminding me of how it was to hang out in Reets. :smiley: I’m well and truly familiar with how you feel about other MMOs with their one-track mind professions…

And lest I forget, the Semi-Official Anarchy Online Discord server is where you can find some AFKers to ask for buffs and food advice…


Thank you so much for the reply! I’ll definitely check out all of that on my spare time. I’ve been having a blast playing, only problem I’m having is making credits to afford the implants, but I’m sure that’ll come in time. Thank you again!

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Apologies for the late response – vacay had kidnapped me.

You’re most welcome! I’m sure you’ll find that when people realize you’re new/returning in-game, they will generally want to sit down and explain to you what’s new, what works and so forth with varying tones and themes. Hope a nice org’s caught your eye and vice versa!

PS, Basic Armor is still a good way to make money. Hint hint, you can get materials for it in Arete (aka the starting area) by doing Leet King quests and delivering lunch to a certain trox. There’s a global bot for selling and buying things (and also for advertising services and LFT) too. ( /tell Lightnet !help )

Have fun!