Old player main character lvl 214 trader. what has changed what do i need to know and JEEZE! Ive forgotten A LOT!

As the post says everybody, im a old player and i want to get back into playing AO again. i reinstated my account and just logged in a little bit. so what i want to know is from a few things i have read some things have changed its been going on 11yr since i have played and it seems like im going to need some coaching to refresh my memory. im equipped with almost a whole arithmetic armor set and a whole bunch of other goodies you would expect a lvl 200+ player to have but like i said im really rusty.
so yeah… im reaching out for help. my old organisation was the " Spirit Walkers" but i have no idea if any of them are still around or not or how to even look into my clan members anymore
the traders name i play a lot is Zzimzumm msg me if your willing to help me back into the groove of things. Thanks everyone

A great deal changed with 18.7 in 2015 hop onto the discord server too, lots of helpful people there to talk to in real time/nearly real time as well as the usual assorted trolls.
Link to discord is on the game launcher.
I’ve created over a thousand AO video guides/playthroughs 1-220 that may also prove helpful to you.

And lastly the best AO site on any planet.

No, Spirit Walkers I believe is no more. In terms of Neutral orgs you’ve got True Neutral as the main one I see around.

Check here; we are in the process of updating the info but this will already help a lot: