New player, not used to Consoles, Question about Online Play

For a TL:DR, my tower has been dying for months and I couldn’t afford the stupidly inflated costs of a good tower in my local area.

So I dusted out the old Ps4 I’d bought to play Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War and bought Conan Exiles because I love sandbox games, I love survival-themed games and the Conan franchise will always hold a dear place in my grognard, paleogamer heart.

And while I’m having a blast in single-player, I do want to tackle an online version sometime soon now that I know how things work and the rough lay of the land, and I’d like some information from players who have already tackled the chaos of the Online version.

Thralls: Will Thralls attack other players on sight, or only after being attacked/witnessing my buildings/resources being attacked/stolen?

I ask because I enjoyed immensely building small cities in Sandbox games where crafters/crafting stations could be placed for the use of newer players or to create outposts in harsher locations where folks could find temporary refuge from hardship.

But I’m also aware that the Exiled Lands are a savage place filled with paranoid, maddened survivors, dangerous creatures and fanatical cultists.

So I kind of want to know how Thralls will work with Players outside of a Clan or Solo-Player’s, uhm, ‘influence’, so I can plan my village accordingly so that folks can come in and craft, restock and catch their breath without my loyal Thralls deciding it’s Hammer Time because somebody breathed wrong.

Unclimbable Walls: Are Black Ice Walls the only ‘unclimbable’ walls in the game, or do any of the Tier 3 structures perform this function? I’ve yet to really experiment much with the massive sprawling structures I’ve seen other people build, but I would like to know if it’s the entire ‘family’ of a building structure that prevents folks from climbing it, or if it is only specific ‘blocks’ that can prevent players from climbing over them.

First of all there are 3 game modes online: PvE, PvE-Conflict, PvP.

This post of @Narelle it’s much clear about differences than I can be:

So for your first question:

Thralls attacks other players and can be killed by other players only during raid time in PvP (on official server it is from 17 to 23 o’clock), they do not attack at all other players and are immortal if attacked by other players in PvE or PvE-Conflct*

You said you enjoy " immensely building small cities in Sandbox games where crafters/crafting stations could be placed for the use of newer players or to create outposts in harsher locations where folks could find temporary refuge from hardship."

Well, the first thing, allowing crafting staion be used by everyone, is impossible in PvE and PvE-Conflict, I’m unsure about PvP, but the problem is a place like the one you have in mind will be destroyed in no-time in PvP.

To create outposts in harsher locations where folks could find temporary refuge from hardship, and let me say, from sandstorms too, are a common thing in PvE and PvE-Conflict anyway.

About Unclimbable walls: all walls can be climbed int his game. The difference is t3 FENCES on top of the walls (unsure if fences placed in the middle of a foundations walls will be legal after next patch) could prevent you from climbing having spikes.

In this game if you took damage while climbing you fall down.

I can tell you all T3 fences work this way preventing climbing, T1 and T2 don’t prevent climbing because they don’t have spikes. But we’re speaking of fences, not walls.

You can have a T1 wall with T3 fences on top of it preventing peoples to climb it, a T3 wall with T1 or T2 fences or without fences at all will be climbable.

I hope what I said can help you :slight_smile:

I don’t know you, but based on what you said I suggest you to play PvE-Conflict :wink:

PS*: thralls can kill players in PvE and PvE-Conflict: they don’t attack other players, but if a player (not his owner) is in their “line of fire” while they are attacking an NPC or a creature they took dmg.


Cheers for the information and the clarifications, Born2bAlive.

Derping along further in the solo campaign, finally weakened and activated Admin to get Godmode and do a run of the Snakeman Dungeon because couldn’t get a Thrall over the Lava without them dying almost instantly.

So, here’s another couple of questions:

If I build a small Fort at the entrance to this infernal, snake-infested hel-pit, will it attract a Purge? Given it’s about as north as the current map allows, I’m assuming that means not only ‘yes’, but also ‘and may the gods have mercy on your Thralls’ souls’.

Annoying that Obsidian Weaponry can only be made in the Forge inside the Dungeon, but not the first time a game has made this design choice, although the frustration of not being able to repair said weapons without running through the hardest zone in the game is quite potent.

The other question I have is, on most servers, would creating a bridge and/or fort to allow folks to ferry their Thralls safely across the Lava-flows into the Snakeman Dungeon be taken well as a boon to the server population, or treated as a hostile land-grab since that region is also home to a lot of Obsidian nodes?

I imagine, unless there were a lot of signs up, a lot of Discord Diplomacy and the Admin/Mod smiled on me, it would get blown up faster than I could put up the foundations on a PvP server.

On a PvE or PvE-C server, what would the responses be?

Also, noticing some issues with my character’s ability to deal with the dungeons right now. I was running with an archery build and light armor, with a bunch of Encumbrance for additional arrows and gathering tools, but there are a lot of fights where the ‘stand at range, ping away and then run like a Stygian while the Thrall runs away to hump the wall’ strategy doesn’t really work for the higher-level stuff where the mobs are not only a lot beefier, but seem to lack the derpiness of the world-class spawns.

Should I go for a blend of Strength, Vitality and Grit with some points thrown into Encumbrance and Agility for survivability?

Thinking 30 Strength, 10 Agility, 35 Vitality, 20 Grit, 25 Encumbrance, with the Aquilonian Infantry DLC Medium Armor, a Heavy Shield of some description and with a Mace or Sword of some kind, and just give my Combat Thrall (currently a Relic Hunter Warrior in Flawless Hyrkanian Raider Set with the Papyrus 2-handed Sword from the undead-infested ruins area because it’s the best Legendary I’ve gotten from there to date) the opportunity to go H.A.M. on anything that has it’s face firmly planted in my shield.

It should give me enough Encumbrance to carry my shield, armor, a weapon, a backup weapon and some repair kits, while not completely crippling my ability to Solo the game or run away screaming when I accidentally run face-first into a World Boss.

Also, another question: Will structures placed inside a dungeon remain there, or will they simply disappear when the Dungeon ‘resets’? Need to know if I’m going to be trudging in with Tier 3 stuff for durability or Tier 1 stuff just to git’er’done.

You attract purges by your actions, EACH of your fort/bases/outposts/ even bridges may targeted when a purge event occurs.

In the volcano purges may be hard, but also rewarding in terms of t4 rare purge thrall to caputre.

About obsidian weaponry: they do not require to be forged or repaired at volcanic forge. You need the volcanic forge to craft composite obsidian, but with it (and the recipe you find in the hall of the boss of the Well of Skelos) you can craft/repair your obsidian weaponry by yourself at your home.

Building stairs is the only way to access Well of Skelos, there are at least 2 easy path to follow to do that, but in theory much more.

The problem volcano-thralls is the AI is bugged, so thralls are anyway unable to follow you on the stairs and sometimes they teleport “near” of you… but in the lava :sweat_smile:

The owner of the stairs could use a little (annoying becaus it requires a lot of time) trick to have his follower safely reach Well of Skelos: instead of being followed, he can place the thrall on guard and, step by step placing it on guard through all the stairs until last step in front of the well, than be followed as usual.

Keep in mind inside of the dugeon (EDIT: see the end where I answer your last question) there are anyway jumps you have to do and a thrall do not, following you in straight line into the lava :hot_face:

By luck (or by design :wink:) the forge is in front of the well entrance, so at least you can use a thrall until the forge, but don’t try to use it to complete the dungeon if you mind it stay alive :wink:

Being such stairs needed to access well of skelos you’ll find probably stairs on all servers. Unsure how PvP players may fight for them or just ignore who’s the owner, on PvE and PvE-Conflict the worst you can find is someone built it but closed the access, not a common situation anyway because blocking other players from using your stairs could require a LOT more resources… to deny what ? Composite obsidian ?

The truth is weapons in composite obsidian are good but not the best and people could obtain composite obsidian by dismantling weapons/tools dropped by votaries of skelos npc.

Tools in composite obsidian are the best… but often players choose to use little less efficient tools but made in easy farmable materials instead of going to the volcanic forge.

So usually peoples do open stairs.

I can report you my personal experience (PvE-Conflict) where you can find three types of players: trolls doing blocks, people building all this kind of infrastructures free for all, and peoples who blame the firsts and thanks the seconds but they do not actively do something against the firsts and to help the seconds.

If you mind doing diplomacy, making online friends and allied be a people of the second type. We did and I enjoy being one of them.

Today should be released the new patch wich will modify some attribute mechanics, this could change most used character builds.

Usually anyway my build is this: 31 Str 10 Agi 31 Vit 30 Grit 19 Enc.

I use most of the time an armour giving me +9 Vit (epic flawless aquilonian infantry from DLC ), but the build is flexible to change armor and obtain perks in Strenght or encoumbrance.

You can anyway change build for particular situations/dungeons/boss fights with the potions, so this is just my “normal” build.

There is a topic about best weapons, this are my choices:

Finally: it’s impossible to build inside a dungeon.

Keep in mind the inside of well of skelos is a dungeon, but the volcano itself is not.

99,9% You gain access to volcano through a cavern, but it’s not necessary, there is at least one “open” path and you can also build one passing on the mountains, because it is not a dungeon.

So you can build outside of Weel of Skelos, not inside it, nor in any other dungeons.

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