New Players, how to break doors!?

Hello, i currently have about 20 h in the game and i have yet to find out how on earth i break in doors, i know i can use explosives but being solo/new on official servers that seems abit too much for a simple wooden door on all the left behind buildings.

is there really no simple and easy way such as chopping it down with a tool or something? google didn’t help me much either as all posts are back from like may 2019 and seems outdated…

Explosive arrows are the best. At low levels you just have to keep smacking them. Make sure you have a good weapon though because each tier of building materials in immune to weaker damage sources.

You can also use explosive orbs which can be looted from npcs.

You should start with something for starters… i will suggest you orbes.

There is lots of information about it on youtube. Orbes are cheap and easy to make

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