New Player, how do i break down doors?

Hello, i currently have about 20 h in the game and i have yet to find out how on earth i break in doors, i know i can use explosives but being solo/new on official servers that seems abit too much for a simple wooden door on all the left behind buildings.

is there really no simple and easy way such as chopping it down with a tool or something? google didn’t help me much either as all posts are back from like may 2019 and seems outdated…

Hi New player!
First hide your base, best is jungle. (there is an event log …)
Then get an alchemist 2 or more and craft bombs :slight_smile:
You need 50 bombs to start raiding, 100 is better.
Make some tests in solo player god mode before.

Your post did not specify if you are on an official PvP, make sure you are on a server without building damage restrictions.
You can not damage buildings on a PvE server unless server settings allow it.

Even on Official PVP servers, there is a raid time set, so build damage is limited to within that time.
usually between 6pm to 1am server time.

And explosives are the only way to break someones buildings, but you have a choice, there are explosive jars, orbs, and arrows, any combination of these will work.

Toss a few grease orbs, then a fire orb, and more grease orbs occasionally to keep the fire going.

Explosive jars or Arrows, are harder to get because you make them, jars need dragon powder made in a firebowl cauldron an alchemist helps here, arrows are made on a carpenters bench, and the last tier arrow you need to find the recipe. Orbs, Mobs will drop orbs, but an alchemist will help you make those as well.

But if these are abandoned buildings, all you need to do is wait, the decay time will make it so the building will either be destructible with the activate button, or will crumble to dust at your approach.

If the Crumble happens, run up quickly because any loot will fall into loot bags, and will only be retrievable for a short time.

Building damage with weapons was possible in early access, but was removed because of the player base asking for it to be nerfed.

Welcome to Conan Exiles, now go build conquer and dominate. :slight_smile:

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