New Policy on support

From your new policy on support:
Deletion, Crafting or Currency-based Purchase Mistakes - We will be happy to continue to assist paying players. We will have to stop providing these kinds of services for players who do not support us financially. This includes item and character deletion. Items necessary for the completion of missions and quests are not included in this change of policy.

Now I am paid user, who pays full years on 3 accounts. It took GM whole week to answer on wrong purchase. And the answer is that they no longer replenish wrong purchases.

So given the policy above then which is it ? Are paying players getting support or not as promised in the Funcoms above statement ?

They’ve always been scummy, it’s just worse now that they don’t care anymore about their dying mmo.

It seems to depend on what the item is. But their policy may have changed now that they ignore this game completely.

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