NEW PURGES - Chapter 2 test

Please use this post to make constructive repports and ideas about current purges on test server to have chance they improve on realease.

  1. exclude for demolishers targets like fundaments (to not break path and place on which coffer stand), treasure chest, display treasure and furnishings that counts for wealth; if fundaments will be no target or last priority target for demolishers then less notification problems to reach treasure
  2. beter route tracking for npc, if they can’t find way to gate and doors, make their 2nd priority to attack wall most close to spawn camp that lead to coffer
  3. fix situations to improve road tracking for more chances to estabilish camp
  4. fix situation preventing cancel purge when path to coffer is broken
  5. fix situation preventing cancel purge when npc can’t destroy doors or do it too slow
  6. more lucrative loot in stygian camp coffers that is realted to purge level difficulty
  7. higher chance to get better thralls that are aviable to release from stygian camp cages, like game end tier III fighters as common, any named fighters/worker avaiable to catch in game as uncommon and rare chances to get fighters/workers that appear only in old purges - this increase interest to trigger more purges

this topic i open for all Your comment about existing chapter 2 purges bugs and errors on test server that help improve it in final realease.

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