Issue with getting a purge to start

Playing single player no mods, PC using Steam. Setup a base on the outcropping located in the extreme upper left corner of G7. Got a message indicating the purge could not find a way to the base, which clearly there is. This location creates a killing zone where attackers are forced to funnel into a smaller, defensible area. It has worked with purges in the past without issue. The only thing I can see that may be an issue is the claim area in relation to the location of the treasure room, but based on your purge in today’s live stream that doesn’t seem like it would be a factor.

There is a video showing the location and purge reaction if you would like it.

Is there a door that they can break down? Does the coffer have atleast 1 foundation of walkable space around it?

I tested out in flat terrain- i did 4 so far and all worked.

If your on an island and troops have to swim in any way , shape , or form the purge will despawn

If your in a tree- it will despawn.

If your on the water with no walkway to your base where the treasure room is, it will despawn

In other words any terrain that interferes with a clear path they will retreat.

Sounds like the Purge mechanic has a good start building on a nearby flat space, but the FOB needs more tweaking for more unique circumstances like water, rolling hills, tree bases, and so forth. I’m looking forward to a more flexible FOB placement so we can get those purges in more places and situations. Even if that means those tweaks don’t come until chapter 3, it would be worth the wait.

I also just tried testing it out a little just a coffer out in the open on the riverbank near Hand of the Maker.

The first three were with nothing but the coffer out on it’s own.

The first purge failed to spawn, but the next two didn’t have a problem. Was a little surprised at first to be set upon by a horde of naked people though. :stuck_out_tongue:

The next several attempts, I had surrounded my coffer with a simple wall consisting of a single layer of foundations, a wall one section high and a gate with a door. All failed to spawn.

Next I added stairs to each side of the gate so they theoretically would only need to destroy the door to come through. The three or four attempts to start it after that all failed to spawn.

I then removed the gate door. That purge started fine.

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All mine were no walls just foundations with the coffer in the middle. I started in the desert. The Southern and western edge of the map will be popular im betting.

Then i got about 20 zerkers all decked out in elite gear.

Elite gear and weapons for myself.

Tomorrow ill do it again but up north in the snow. Then the Jungle and then the Mounds.

If those roll without a hitch then ill start adding walls,doors, and gates

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Greetings @Bourbon,

Thank you for your report. Please do share the video and if possible, a copy of your saved game so we can take a better look.

You can find the “game.db” by following:
Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles - Public Beta Client\ConanSandbox\Saved

Feel free to upload it to Google Drive or to a similar platform and share the link with us.
Also, if you prefer, reach out via direct message to @community.

Thank you in advance.

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I looked over my coffer for the first time on Siptah but did not “Proclaim Wealth” as it was set for a level 7 purge. I took out all the gold bars and it went to level 4 and I left. An hour later the purge horn sounded while I was at another base. There was no marker on the map showing where the purge would be and no timer but I returned to my hoard site and prepared for attack. About 30 minutes later the horn sounded but no one came until I went out and fired on the group of Accursed where they stood at the spawn point. They followed me back to the base where my thralls met them at the gate and we killed them.

The purge didn’t end and I went searching again until I found a second group on the opposite side of the base just standing at the spawn point. Once again I had to fire on them to get them to attack but this time they only came a few at a time and my cats and I killed them all off. That triggered a second wave and after I went out and killed the group at the first spawn point again the purge ended once I had looted all them.

All the loot was armor and war paint from the Forgotten Clan and two star metal weapons. Not a Stygian invader among them. About the only thing that worked properly was the Improved Dismantling Bench once again puts items in the dismantle pane instead of the inventory when I use it.

The night before I had a purge on the full game from a clan of Berserkers in the Exiled Lands that breached my gates and gave me a worthwhile battle without a hitch. It started within 2 minutes after I filled the purge bar, did the appropriate amount of damage to my base and dropped the expected amount of loot. Bottom line is you have a lot of things to fix before the new purge system even gets back to par with the old one. Once again you’ve tried fixing something that worked fine for me and now it’s broken. I’m waiting to see what happens when chapter 2 goes live and I have my hoard at my original base that’s just inside the no purge zone in an undefended structure. I play single player with no mods and had worked hard to bring the cult to my base twice before the zone was ever implemented the first time. Will the new system follow the rules when I activate it inside the zone? I guess I’ll have to wait and see when it goes live.

Has anyone checked if a new purge comes if you build a base in dungeons?

@smskcntr has a video out on this issue
Basically he had to degrade his base until the purge finally found a path. This is, for me a game killer regarding the purge since you can’t build a really defensible base, which is what I was so looking forward to playing with when these modifications to the purge were announce…

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That pretty much lines up with what I observed. The purge want’s a clean straight shot at your coffer. A path with no doors or gates or walls or anything else blocking the way. So basically, you’re supposed to leave your coffer completely exposed and out in the open where just anyone can casually walk by and grab some loot.

You know, the exact opposite of where one typically want’s to store large quantities of gold and other valuables.

Which kind of changes the role of those demolition or whatever attackers in the purge. Instead of being there to tear down your defenses so the others can get at your treasure, now they are destroying your base just to be dicks I guess. :woman_facepalming:


@Glurin It was really disappointing. I have been so looking forward to the new purge system, especially from the standpoint of trying to build a defensible base, learning from my mistakes and upgrading it to withstand more and more difficult attacks. I did send Mayra the information she requested, so very hopeful that will help out.

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Well in all fairness, this kind of issue is not entirely unexpected with the new system they’re trying to implement. But yeah, that’s definitely something that needs to be looked at and addressed going forward.


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@forkyeah Yes. The gatehouse has two gates, one on either side of a foundation with a door on each. behind that is open space with the treasure room to the right with a single door frame and door. Inside the treasure room is all standable.

In other words, if a player wants the new Purge to activate, they will need to jump through some hoops to make a Treasure room accessible. If on a island, make an accessible bridge to the mainland. Just drop the treasure room when you want that Purge. Just add the amounts of gold to trigger the respective level of purge you want. Activate it.

The new Purge system is not ‘perfect’. It does require some more obvious accessability pathing. It does need a Player to choose the strength of the purge. It also needs a player to activate and therefore on the player’s terms - even if this treasure room is a simpler build well away from your main base that is purely for thrall, key, resourse farming.

I wonder how this whole: “I need to build a brigde on island and water and uneven grounds” will work out on officials with the current Tos in place?

Because the minute you build a brigde for your purge you might get reported and later banned for landclaim.

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I think we’ve come full circle.

We started out building bridges over rivers and lakes to get captured thralls across.

Then Funcom made it so we could swim while dragging a thrall and we didn’t need the bridges anymore.

Now we need bridges again to let the purge cross so that we can capture them and make them thralls. :joy_cat:


Well i built basic base structures with doors and gates. Purge came through the gates rather easily.

Now they can add a cooldown so you cant do one purge after another.

If they keep the old system i simply wont get purged as im already established and will not grind my eyeballs out just to get one.

Since people are already up in arms about it, no problem , add both systems but in the end the player decides to turn it on.

Funcom have made Purge fully within the Players control. The pathing may need work by the look of it, but the new mechanic is working. Plenty of demo-streams showing what’s working and what’s not. The biggest change is that the Purge needs to be activated by the player. There are very simple ways under the new mechanic, not to have to build those bridges over water, across the mountain peaks, etc. If a player wants a purge then they need to adjust accordingly.

This is not saying that the current, still being tested, mechanic has issues. Adjustments to the new mechanic will be being made as we speak. This is fully TestLive.

Under the current mechanic, I still see players making Purge-activator baselettes near to their primary bases that do allow access and defense to the treasure room. Let’s see.

Obviously there’s a cooldown. The new Purge has the potential of being a farming mechanic. Same as some of the easier dungeons. There needs to at least some time for that treasure to be replenished, the thralls re-recruited, the battlers to have their coffee.

Adding both Purges would likely just break servers - and if so, I can only imagine the screaming, wailing, and gnashing of teeth from PvP’ers when it is weaponised on Live.