Purge Won’t Spawn Anymore

Single player/ coop
Exiled Lands

Hello, I’ve had a lot of trouble getting the purge to spawn and was wondering what the latest info/ workaround is?

I built a base on a wide open desert because I couldn’t get the purge to spawn at my main base. Very simple square shaped base with walls around the perimeter with a one gate and a coffer sitting on the ground in the middle. Worked really well for a while and I was having a lot of fun manning the walls with archers, siege cauldrons and ballista! With no changes other than the amount of treasure and the number of thralls defending, the purge “no longer has a route to my base” which is puzzling since it’s just flat open desert all around and nothing structurally has changed.

The new purge is the only reason I still play Conan and I’ve been trying to get my friends to play coop since I think it would be fun to defend our base from the Stygian hoard. But it’s pretty embarrassing when you get a new player to play with you and the the main feature of the “age of war” doesn’t work…

Has anybody found any good fixes for this?

“Treasures” placed next to the coffer can block the path of the purges.
Try clear a 3x3 area around the coffer by removing the treasures or exchanging them for coins. Also keep thralls clear of the path. That’ll do, theoretically.


Thank you. After some rearranging I’ve been able to pretty consistently spawn a purge.

Now I just have the slightly less annoying problem of the purge randomly ending due to “not being able to find a route to my treasure coffer” even though they just can’t get through my single gate… While I’m sure in real siege warfare soldiers would opt to retreat after heavy losses, in a computer game it would be nice if they’d try a little harder :expressionless:. Also if I use any kind of gas cloud weapon and it damages enough enemies, the game crashes which is a bummer. The new purge is really cool, but I really hope it gets improvements in the future.

This might help you:

  1. Doors are bugged. Don’t use them. Use doorframes and a tar cauldron above it to slow down enemies.
  2. Gas arrows crash the server. Don’t use them. Use a burning cauldron for area damage. However it’s dropped as a purge loot so you might need to grind a few in the first place.
  3. I got a video on Purge X. Could be fun. https://youtu.be/K1mUBWXlPvI
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Thanks for the info. That’s cool what you did with the door frames. And I did get a burning cauldron to put above my gate and two tar cauldrons beside it. I use door frames for archers on my walls, and that with the cauldrons has worked pretty well for me on the lower levels as long as the purge spawns correctly. Thanks for the help!

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I’ve had the same problem several times, where a spawned Purge suddenly quits after the first wave with the message “The Purge can no longer find a path to the treasure” or smth like that. Interestingly enough, I did make sure that the coffer is set far enough from the walls and that there is enough space around it. However, some treasure items, like the treasure chests you find in camps and have to carry back to your base, REQUIRE to be placed near the coffer, and I mean NEAR, like right next to it; otherwise they are just dropped on the ground and do not count towards your total wealth.
Perhaps this specific item should be tweaked so that it can be placed anywhere in coffin’s range, like all the other placeable treasure items.

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