Anything I can do to prevent purges spawning inside my base?

My first purge spawned inside my base, on the second floor. What changes do I have to make so that this won’t happen again?
The castle is open on the other side, and can be accessed by walking. There are no gates or defences there.

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Got another purge. It followed the same pattern. The first two waves spawned outside the base, the third one spawned inside.

Another question: When the purge destroys one of my workbenches, how come the contents of the bench don’t drop as bags? I wasn’t able to find any of my stuff that was inside my destroyed benches.

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Don’t build on ledges or inaccessible areas. The purge drops in your base because the game determines there is no other way to get to your base. It’s crap, but they’ve never revisited the problem as far as I’m aware.

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Basically there are multiples “paths” that a purge can spawn from to get to your base. In the case of your base at least one of those “paths” is not accessible and thus the purge is spawning in and or on your base. At least, that is the way in which I understand it.


I wish you will send us map location too, not to ever build there.
My only solution parts are 2…

  1. Wheel of pain, religion tier 3 and a small outpost with map room away.
    This is exactly what I was doing so far to “drag” the purge there. By fixing this and focusing my farming in this area, the purge was oriented there and ofcurce I didn’t care to what I was going to loose but on what to gain.
    2nd fix, some vaults.
    Since you know what’s going to happen before the purge starts gather all your tables with your crafters and place them in a vault.
    I wish I could say more and be more helpful , sorry.
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