Purge suddenly spawning inside bases

On our server we have had several purges spawn inside of bases that have been there for a very long time and never had any problems before.

This started yesterday and the bases have direct open approaches for the purge and nothing new has been added

Forgot to mention that our server is not modded.

yeap we had one as well last night… it almost took all of our base down. we lost 4-5 cimmerian bers and 60% of the base. “we fixed it”

Yep, mid fight outside my walls, some npcs decided to teleport on a small balcony inside my base. I ended up fighting like 20 npcs on a 1x3 area. The good part was that I could hit them all at once but the bad part is that with 20 npcs attacking if you get cc-ed you are kinda dead because they keep you cc-ed. Lucky for me it was a nordheimers purge and they don’t hit very hard. A berserker purge will be fun though …

What I have noticed that the original spawn points for that purge were the same but they walk like 5 meters and teleport inside, not all though e.g in a group of 3 npcs, one ported in, 2 stayed.

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Do we she a hotfix soon or it is intended? Black ice snow layer, harder purge, volcano npcs fighting each other, bosses focusing on you so you go around and your thrall is killing free, less Devote spawns in volcano, etc… I don’t think we have a bug here, but the preparations for the new conan-exiles. Let’s see what’s next, still i personaly love this bugs - changes, whatever.

Purges inside our bases also. Clearly needs to be fixed (again?).

I can confirm this, have seen 3 purges spawn inside bases in the past days.

This has been an issue for months purges inside bases, It has been reported but never stopped.

Here is it way back in January.

Our last 3 purges resulted in them spawning inside our foundations.

Im not entirely sure why either… all 3 bases this happened at are grounded to terrain and accessible for thralls to hit.

BUT, the patch updated their mechanics a bit so if they wander too far from their initial spawn point… they will bounce back to where the purge marker initially marked… so on top/inside your walls :frowning:

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