Purge is really borked

i’ve ended up making little 3x4 bases in the middle of empty desert and still the game claims there are no paths to the base. sometimes i can get it to spawn but only if i take down all the outer walls and put the coffer on the ground against a single wall with no door.

seriously, did anyone spend any time testing this stuff?



basic U shape… no door. still cannot find a path

are you kidding?

even a simple wall is not working

it needs more than this?!

well, i’m done for the evening.

i’d be pretty embarrassed to call this functional

Try making a 10x10 building with walls and a door then give it a try. It might be an anti-exploit feature to prevent what you’re attempting. The coffer is meant to be placed in a building of at least 7x7 dimension hence why it’s called a treasure room.

I had just a coffer down and got it to spawn fine. Don’t know what’s going on with you.

Today when I added an extra gateway with a gate (large door) to my base, it wouldn’t let me spawn any more purges. So I was forced to delete the extra gate, to make it work.

Kind of weird how one extra gate infront of the other one can stop it from working.

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