New purge won't work I'm thinking about abandoning the game

There is no bug to report, I’m just extremely frustrated with the new purge.
I’ve built my base in the tundra atop a rock hill. Before, purges came normally, since I’ve built stairs and didn’t block natural inclines so that npcs can walk up to my base.

Now purges either tell me that they don’t have suitable locale for basecamp or it is too hard to reach. I’ve gone to the length of simply putting my coffer outside just behind a simple double door (still does not work).

There is no help online, and youtubers simply build bases on flat terrain with tower defense designs (fucc that), all I wanted was to build forts and get sieged but it was all a pipe dream.

What is the point of a free build system if you are going to be penalized for not building the “right way”?

Even before the age of sorcery I’m getting grinded down by disappointment after disappointment, I’m glad that next year Nightingale is coming, I’m thinking about leaving this game for good, i’m tired.


The new purge is less about what access you have to your base as it is about the placement of a camp. You need fairly open, flat locations. Of course, you also need access to the coffer as well. I strongly suggest using a transporter and creating a base SPECIFICALLY for purges in a more ideal location. Check this recent thread where some solutions are listed. Purge camps need more leniency

That’s the reason that made me completely stop playing the game. Until they fix this, I won’t touch it.

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