Purge set up camp issue - absence of a reachable place

I am facing huge issues with the new purge system.
Specifically I can’t start it due the absence of a reachable location for the purge to set up their camp.

I set up my base in the north, not on top of a hill but in a plain area close to the river near the Sword circle.

I even try to change the location, I create a small base from the other part os the Sword circle, again same issue.

Can we please have more details about the purge camp requirements? Distance or space requirements?

Because if the requirements are strict, the places in which we can build a base are very few, and all in the desert/savana.

I have spent the last months setting up a nice base, and now i have to start from scratch hoping to find a place in which the purge can trigger.


Go further north, next to the obelisk of frost keep. Build just a treasury from tier 3 materials, buy archers from Buccaneers bay and give them poison (gas) arrows. Place a small amount in your treasure chest and summon a purge.

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That may work. I’ve not tested it and my partner and I typically wipe with major updates so we’ll be starting fresh again.

But I think it’s pretty disappointing, especially for those who don’t restart or those who play on populated/heavily built up servers that they’re going to have to go try to find some unoccupied place that has ideal space/terrain conditions just to make a throwaway purge trap base.

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In the next few days we plan on making a purge base on our server to see what works before attempting on official we play on
On our server base is on a island doubt it would work

There’s no good without evil and the opposite my fellow exile @heaven13 and you know that. Unfortunately my theory (criminal mind :rofl:) goes deeper, that the game accepts reductions to get new content, look the bubbles for example!
But let’s try for a moment to be positive and see some real facts.
With the old purge system, if you happen to build in a non accessible place you had two outcomes.
One. You never see a purge reaching your base (the good option)
Two. The purge was spawning in your base (bad option)

Then the purge timing…
Will it come now, i am full…
No it won’t show up and i am tired, i need to log out, beeep purge :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:.
Now you call your purge whenever you wish and you define your lvl, no more freaking imp f…, worthless purges :man_shrugging:.

You can build wherever you wish, literally wherever you wish and you have no freaking (unless you wish, but good luck with the report chasers) excuse to be huge to save your rest belongings, purge hits only your treasury.

We can name pros and cons for hours, but the most important is that this is a new mechanic starting from scratch. We can change this to be better, keep playing and give better ideas for better purge system :metal:

I know for sure the coffer needs some space around it for if enemies reach it. If you build a 3 wide by 1 deep room the purge will not spawn, but a 3 wide by 2 deep room then then it will. Not sure if that is your issue, but generally if you can run from your coffer to 30 paces outside your base only by opening doors without climbing or jumping then it should spawn.

Does this include stairs as well? So, if you put your treasury in a second floor or on a lower floor if you built on sloped terrain?

I know I’ve seen some report it needs to be on the ground directly. But I also remember seeing them go up stairs in the dev livestream so…

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I am pretty sure we’ll see a ton of bugs. Stairs are giving the opportunity to npcs to come raid and go with your treasure so normally they should work. If they don’t… The usual, report and anticipation for hot fix, nothing new i guess :rofl:.
Good luck with your purges @heaven13, i really like the fact you start from scratch, it’s the proper mentality if you ask me.
You’ll go insanely rich in no time, the chests provide even “toothpicks” now, to clean your teeth :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Insane easy it became.
Best wishes for less bugs, have fun m8 :metal:

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I have not tried something like a door way directly at the top of stairs, that could be the issue because the attackers need to stand in front and play their attacking animation and it might not work from stairs. I usually leave a single square after stairs and the next door structure so I can also place door guards.

Yeah, I definitely prefer starting over. Once I get my base built and decorated and do the dungeons I get bored. I like to level slow and be challenged where the choices I make matter.

I’m not super concerned with my own purges. My partner and I play on our own private server and we’ll have our pick of where to do things. We struggled when we were on Savage wilds so we ended up just turning them off.

But I definitely have empathy for people who don’t have the options we do: can’t turn purges off, can’t have a treasure room outpost somewhere else because of a crowded server, can’t rollback when things go catastrophically wrong. I try to be conscientious of this when I post here, even if I’m not directly affected.

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Same here, my main base is in the Godclaw’s Passage and I can’t spawn the Purge up there - no location for their camp.

Sad :sob:

Not complaining, i like the new purge. I just would like to know the requirements for spawn it.

I mean after jesterday i tried to change location, in front of my new base there’s a lot of space, still no place for the camp to spawn.

If the purge camp is really that “sensible” what could happen in croud areas?
I mean now there are no neighbours around me, but what happens if new people arrive and build a new base (rightfully so)? The purge will stop spawning?

Option a) you will never see Purge spawn again.
Option b)

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mfw the purge refuses to spawn despite having a tested, walkable path and clear land in the vicinity

All in all, it’s ridiculous that the old purge required you to build work-arounds to get it to not bug out (most infamously, needing to connect to foundations on land if you’ve built on water) and now we need to build work-arounds to get it to even spawn.

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