New PvP Server [EU] Ground Zero-No Offline Raid-4x

So what is that server ?

Ground Zero is a really recent server with 20 slots open(don’t worry we will make it bigger one day) for you to spill a lot of blood !
This server use four mods actually:

-Exiled_lands_improved (add a lot of stuff, balance the weapons, make the gods weapons more…godlike ? and add a cool religion and awesome armors !)

- Pippi - User & Server Management (No need for explanation here !)

- Less Building Placement Restrictions - No NPC Camps (We want to allow you to build everywhere and also better, be able to create the base of your dreams but don’t abuse it!)

-Pickup+ (A very simple mod that allow you to… pickup the things you’ve placed without having to destroy them if you made a mistake :wink: )

Okay… but what’s the difference with official ?

Well here we want to allow the player to have a better PVP experience, more fights, if you loose your base/ressources it takes less time to make a new one etc. Also the mods are here to add more to the original game, a new way of playing, new gameplay elements to make the “meta” different from official! New ways for you to play the game.

And it’s not all, we’re planning to make events, PVP events, also some PVE with some rewards, can be cosmetics (vanity items) or some ressources like thrall for example.

In the end we want an alive server, clan that rise and fall with a community growing ! So if you want to join us in that adventure here is the direct ip

You can join us on discord for the rules:

I hope you will join us and share some bloody adventures !

Little Update

Since the launch of the server we’ve worked on some stuff for the players :smile:

First we’ve setup some maprooms so players can travel quickly around the map to get ressources etc.

So all the obelisks of the map have a little maproom ! Except the one in the Unnamed city !

Also we’ve been working on our first event building ! Mostly PVP events but also some little PVE ones.

We’re already thinking of setting up another event building not in the volcano but in the desert so everybody can access it !

That’s all for the update ! I hope you will join us in that journey !