New PVPVE server with main base protection ``[EU-RP-PVPVE] Galaecia. Open 5/01/20´´

-Hi everyone. I invite you to join the server I created, [EU-RP-PVPVE] Galaecia. The main objective of this server is to obtain a fun but controlled PVP. If you are a mature player like me, surely you understand me in the sense that you like survival games, but you can’t play many hours as before, and you can’t worry all the time thinking that people can attack your base, the base where you have spent many hours. Therefore, I created this server with the intention that you always have the assurance that your main base will not be attacked, but I have left the funny risk that you can be attacked anywhere, that you can be robbed in any moment, or that your secondary bases can be attacked in any moment.

For this, I have put a series of rules in the channel of discord [EU-RP-PVPVE] Galaecia, to which you can also ask any questions or suggestions (

-I also added 3 modifications of the steam workshop (PIPPI, Dungeons Master Tools and Lemurian Arquitect) to give the server a slight touch of role. Something simple, more thought to add events and a small story parallel to the game.

-As Dungeon Master of the server I will have several characters, some good, some bad and others neutral. I will interpret them according to the situation and, as they progress, players will make the server evolve. You can believe me that I am and that I will be a neutral and fair Administrator and Game Master. I will not have favoritisms. I have created different fortresses and villages, as well as actors (Thespians). All this to create the story in which you are free to make the decisions you want. The decisions will have their consequences, good or bad. The only thing you can’t do is pvp in the cities that have established it, nor destroy anything in them.

-As administrator I will control all the state of the server and that its rules are fulfilled. The rules will be detailed in the Discord channel, `` server rules. ‘’

-Don’t worry about random wipes, they will always be voted democratically.

-The connection IP is: