New server EU PvP server with official settings but with in-game community moderation

After playing this game for 230 hours I have seen too many servers get killed by hackers, cheaters and griefers. Considering that Funcom can not provide in-game moderation on all their servers I decided to take matters into my own hands and made a server that emulates an official server but where we can deal with toxic players.

All settings are identical to official PvP servers.

Server name: Official rules server #1337 - Moderated
IP adress:


Admin powers are exclusively for banning/whitelisting players
No use of exploits or glitches
No heavy harassment (racism, sexism so on…) especially over time
No heavy griefing (like blocking spawnpoints to brimstones can be removed by admin)

The server is brand new, so there are few players. Come join if you want to start a new and better server for honest players!


Thanks, I did :slight_smile:

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