New Server Owner - After Siptah update cannot connect to Server


Late last week, I rented a server from G Portal more or less on a whim. I’ve been playing on an official server for 2 years. I didn’t realize the Siptah release was so close or I would have waited. But now I cannot find the server and cannot direct connect to it. I’ve repaired, removed all mods, restarted, etc. The only server setting I changed outside of the slider was the inclusion of the thrall exclusion radius setting I had to include on the server.ini file as a line entry.

G Portal is showing greenlgihts across the board and that it’s online and running. But I can’t for the life of me figure out why it won’t show up in the list or connect to it directly.

Explain like I’m five - after a release do I need to do any sort of manual changes or setup to include the patch? I was under the assumption that G Portal would auto update if that setting was toggled and it would be seamless as long as I removed mods until they are updated or tested to work.

Any thoughts for someone who has approx 72 hours of G Portal and server experience?

Are you trying to play on Isle of Siptah or original map?

Raise a support ticket with G-Portal. I’ve generally had a response from their support within 30 to 60 minutes of raising a ticket.

Thanks for replying guys - after a few hours of trying to figure this out, it came down to the fact that all mods had to be completely deleted and simply ‘disabled’ didn’t cut it after the release. Server was stable and available once it was completely cleaned up. I should have known off the bat. This tells me that having mods in your mod folder, whether its client or server is still loading even when flagged to be disabled.

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Yeah, but… how do you continue to play on a modded server after IOS update, then?

Surely the answer isn’t, “you can’t use mods with Conan any more”. Developers (Glaucon) themselves have said that most mods should work fine with IOS, yet the client barfs if you have a modlist.txt and the server is blankly inaccessible with mods.

What’s the solution?

The solution was to delete all the mods (on the G Portal help forum there was a thread that said G Portal doesn’t always update to the latest version of mods) and then add them back one by one and testing them through a pain staking process of trial and error. Pickup+ was the culprit in my case. The author said he’ll get to it soon in the workshop thread. I’ve pretty much gotten it back to where it. It’s just a time consuming process…

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