Need help with G-Portal server

I’m trying to get my server up with the new map but I can’t find it in the server browser nor am I able to connect to it. I removed all the mods that weren’t up to date, wiped all the saves, and even repaired the server. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

So far, I have only heard G-portal users complaining about this issue so it must be something on G-portal’s end.

Raised a Support ticket with G-Portal. I’ve had good response time from them. Usually 30 to 60 minutes and they’ve generally had issues like this resolved. They will either fix the issue or let you know what the issue is so you can action from the portal.

Basic Settings, below the number of slots, there is a drop down for map selection.

However if I were to give really useful advice, I would say to never use GPortal tools to set up the server.

Use a good FTP client, (Filezilla is good and free) and update your mods and server configuration directly through it.

Take a little bit to scan over all the server ini files you need to know about, but then you will never have problems with updates or other problems.

You can even check out logs and solve problems yourself.

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