**New** The Void PVP Siptah Server W/ Dust and shop! Wiped 10/2/2020

Come join one of the most stable servers I have ever played on with the many years conan has been out! We would love to fill this server with more people but it’s not getting any interest due to your not able to search for it with the custom mods. Come check it out and give it a try! They just wiped on 10/2/2020. If you have any questions please ask!

+Direct connect to server via: - Server Name in Browser: (10/2)TheVoid[3X][SIPTAH][RAID TIMES][FAST DEDI] - (Be sure to have show servers with mods checked and all servers in the server browser.) + We only run 2 mods that do not change the game experience. Pippi is for kits and admin features/QOL only and voidmodsiptah is only there to weaken the 1 shot pets.

  • Server Features:
  • We have our own dedicated bare metal server on an unlimited gigabit connection host with DDOS protection.
  • Server Hardware: Ryzen7 3800X, 64GB RAM, 2 980GB SSD HD in RAID0

+Custom Coded Scripts that include: - Automated daily restarts (3:00AM EST and 3:00PM EST). - Automated mod and game updates. - Auto fix for when funcom screws up wells/fishtraps/beehives and thrall wheels - Automatic foundation spam deletion on server restarts - Higher Server FPS than official or default servers to keep the game running smooth. - Many other small scripts and fixes to prevent certain exploits and to monitor the game better. - Purges are enabled on the server. - Gods are disabled on the server