Wiped 8/2/18! VoidRealmPvp[5xall][No Gods][No Offline Raiding][Daily events]

Fresh Wipe on 8/2/18. We are a community based server with a proven history of serving our players. Admins are non-abusive (checked by logs), active, easily accessible and eager to help. New players to the game or established clans are always welcome and benefit from 72 hour “new to the server” raid protection.

Server: VoidRealmPvp Wiped8/2[5xall][Nogod][72H Raid Prot][Events]

Direct connect:

Discord: https://discord.gg/YGxCdef


*x5 Experience and x5 Harvesting
*Faster crafting
*Decreased night-time, increased fuel burning duration
*Publicly accessible maprooms @ all Obelisks
*Admin hosted Events & Lootbases;trebuchet dodgeball, capture the thrall, arena, treasure hunt, etc. Earn real $ through verified Paypal. PvP Arena!
*Full building damage enabled
*No offline raiding
*True dedicated server box located in North America with; scripted restarts, auto-updates and down-detection
*Moderated discord with clan channels; https://discord.gg/YGxCdef
*No Gods

Full List of Rules:

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KNOWING THE RULES NO EXCEPTIONS! If any rules are unclear to you speak to the admins and use common sense, if it seems wrong it probably is.

Our rules are not intended to be the “Revised-Code-of-Conan”. Players are expected to follow not only the written word; but the the spirit of the rules.

General Rules

  • Admins have discretion on all calls. Bans and kicks will extend to the discord server.
  • Don’t be a dick. This means; don’t cheat, make racially, sexually or politically insensitive comments.
  • Don’t disrespect staff members. This server is provided free of charge for your enjoyment. Treat the folks who spend their free time (and money) maintaining it with the respect they deserve. It’s not a democracy here.
  • Report misconduct to Admins. Please report any issues or rule breakers on the Discord server via DM. It will be investigated ASAP.
  • This server is PLAYER VS. PLAYER, You will be raided. You will be killed. It is only a matter of time.
  • Any new solo players or clans are entitled to 72hr raid protection from the day you start. Ask an admin to claim your raid protection.
  • Get a free t4 worker or entertainer class thrall each day for upvoting us on https://topconanservers.com/server/
  • No excessive griefing such as foundation wiping (totally destroying a base), spawn killing outside of a raid, etc.

Raid Rules

  • Must be at least one person online in the clan you are raiding when you start the raid, if they log off during the raid you may continue
  • Before you raid someone make sure you check the #raid-protection board on our discord or check with admin.
  • If you raid someone, they get the option of enacting 48 hours of raid protection to rebuild starting when they are next online playing.
  • You are NOT permitted to delete parts of your own base while being raided.
  • You are NOT permitted to replace parts of your own base while being raided.
  • You are NOT permitted to run loot out of your base while being raided or destroy your loot. (This does not include materials you have taken to counter raid must take them to the enemies base).
  • If you are raiding a base and they log off during raid you are only permitted to continue raiding that particular structure!
  • If you are fought off during a raid you have started and do not return to the raid within 15 minutes that raid is considered over.
  • Don’t raid someone just to be an ■■■■■■■. If raiding someone would be of no benefit to yourself or your clan then let them fatten up a while so it’s a good fight and worth your bombs.
  • No inside raiding. (Joining a clan with the intent to steal their stuff or damage their structures).
  • If you have raid protection and you raid anything other than an admin loot base you will lose your protection (this includes fish trap shacks).
  • Raid protection will not be granted if the admins deem the damage from the raid insignificant.
  • You will no longer receive raid protection if your fish trap shacks are raided! Check your event log and go kill those fish stealing bastards ya wusses!(edited)

Base Rules

  • Each Clan is allowed to have two main bases and one additional outpost. Structures/compounds above this limit will be removed without question. Outposts can not be larger than 10x10 and 2 stories high.
  • Don’t block resources, thrall spawns, or box in/wall in other players with buildings or claims.
  • A base must contain an actual accessable entrance. Placing walls over your doors before logging out, for example, is forbidden. There must be a way in for friend and foe.
  • 2 bases, 1 t1 fish trap shack and 1 enclosed thralling outpost per clan/solo player (no more than 10x10 2 floor on outpost).
  • No foundation spamming! We will destroy your base first offense, second offense ban.
  • No unraidable bases. All buildings/placeables must be raidable.
  • Vault limit: Must be located @ main base and enclosed by foundations/walls (Not outside of base). Forward operating raid bases during a raid MUST use chests.
  • Religion altar bubble shields are not permitted on this server period until they are fixed by funcom. No exceptions.
  • There is no decay however; We will allow offline raiding/foundation wiping if a clan/player has been offline for 5 days with no word to Admin.(edited)


  • Random events will be held every night depending on server population and willing participants.
  • You are NOT permitted to raid an online player while they are participating in an admin run event. This will be considered the same as offline raiding.
  • If you have special characters in your player name or steam name you will not be able to participate in any server events.
  • Event time is generally 11 PM EST / 8 PM PST. Please join our Discord during this time period.
  • Not following Admin direction during an event will disqualify you from said event. Please limit local / global chatter during this time period.

Admin Events

  • Events are generally held @ 11PM PST / 8PM PST.
  • Events are hosted by the Admins out of own own time and pockets, please be respecful. There are alot of variables that come into play, be adaptable.
  • There will always be participation awards for taking part in an event.
  • Unless explicitly told to do so, ALWAYS come naked to an event. Never bring anything unless asked to do so by an Admin. You will be killed at the end of all events.
  • FOLLOW directions of all Admins; if you fail to adhere to the proper precedure, and are slowing the event down for everyone, you will be removed.
  • Event time is not time to spam global/local chat with anything non-event orientated.
  • To offset the Funcom “500 bugfix” patch that glitched star-metal drops, we have placed marked chests where star-metal would normally fall in the far tundra of the North. These chests are clearly maked with a # to identify them. Please feel free to destroy said chests, loot them, and post in this channel with which # was destroyed so we may replenish it.
  • With the introduction of insulated wood costing oil to craft, and the frequent bugging out of fish traps, we have placed several “oil cache chests” around the map that are marked in the same manner that the star-metal ones are. Blow them up and post the # on the sign to this discord to get them replenished.
  • At any given time there are (2) clearly maked “Admin Loot Bases”. These are fully functioning raid bases. Destroy them, profit, and post here that one has been demolished. Generally speaking the reward for raiding them should be greater than the cost of the raid, if you are clevar.
  • Arenas & Public Map Rooms are easily identifyable - don’t destroy them, you will be punished accordingly.

Public events hosted by admins; participation rewards, real cash prizes!

Bump! Come join our discord; https://discord.gg/xrr2WzK

1v1 single elimination event

Had a little event late last night for the 12 or so folks who were online. As always, everyone gets a participation award.

Thanks to our resident twitch streamer Afr0ninja for streaming the event!

Still plenty of room available on the server. We will begin the cash $$$ events on the 4th of July. No entry fee required!

Our 1v1 Arena

Our PvE Arena

We will be hosting a 1v1 arena event tonight for $20 + in-game prizes. Come join the server!

Had a good 35 or so folks on last night for our first event since we wiped on Friday. Once we get a bunch of people to 60 we will host a $20 Steam/PayPal event reward purse. Why not play and earn cash?

$20 event being streamed currently! https://www.twitch.tv/irdaman

Added scripts that fix wells/fish traps, since Funcom is … you know …

Wiped server to upgrade to a new dedicated box;

CPU: Intel i7-7700K OC - 4c/8t - 4.7GHz /5GHz
RAM: 64GB DDR4 2400 MHz
NETWORK: 1 Gbps Up/Down
HARDDRIVE: Dual 450 GB SSD/1.2TB NVMe Drive
Anti-DDoS Pro