"New Topics" at bottom includes other games?

Would it be possible adjust the link at the bottom of page to include ONLY content from SWL ?
I’m sure that Conan is a fine game and all, but I have no knowledge of the game, the topics make no sense to me.

Are you specifically referring to the “suggested topics”?

Yes, “Unread” and “New” .
I use it as fast access to content to save time… in order to keep it “zero” I end up in Conan forums frequently.

Okay I see where the topics are coming up - but good suggestion. Since funcom.forums.com is the umbrella forum for all their gaming platforms I’m unsure if they could keep them seperated, i.e. since tags have a problem with being separated from AoC to SWL.

Not sure how you’re seeing that, as we have Only show topics from the current category in suggested topics enabled.

I think they meant here.

Yes, Its at the bottom of a single thread.

I had one at the bottom just now, a New Topic, ( I meant to say “Unread” ) and it took me here…

That one might apply to SWL, ( I don’t use Steam ), but many others don’t

I think you can change this yourself.

When in a game forum or a game sub forum you can click the little circle O in the top right corner. It can set your preferences as to what you see.

So you can mute the AoC forums, or just the AoC General forum.

To clarify I mean Age of Conan :grinning:

Good idea, but that seems to be only a search filter.

There is a filter in the “unread” section at the bottom of the thread.
Maybe it wasn’t working properly before, as I see that everything I have showing right now as “Unread” is SWL, even though when I use the filter, there is AoC available if I wanted to read that.

For now, I’ll cross my fingers that FC ( Andy ) adjusted something & its working the way I preferred.

In Preferences (in your profile) there’s ‘Notifications’ section and ‘Categories’ subsection in there - and you can mute every AoC and Journey forum. Isn’t this what you are looking for?

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Thanks. I located that at your suggestion and muted the AoC.