New update issues and shoutout to funcom

Hey guys,just throwing this out there. Last update for Ps4 yesterday “may 29th” is showing new signs of crashing that wasn’t there before for my wife and I. Game just randomly freezes and doesn’t close or show an error message. Happens in single play/co-op and official pvp/pvp servers. Happened 4 times last night. Also crashing at times when trying to load into servers with an error message on ps4 blue screen. One other thing to throw out there or I guess ask about,are there any plans on fixing the rubber banding when trying to dodge near objects or players/npcs? Happens regardless of server or sp/online. Has killed me a few times and now I just don’t dodge if I’m in a tight area to avoid this. Other than that,great job on the game Funcom,I know there are a lot of issues right now but I can tel you guys put a lot of effort into this game. Never was a fan until now,as long as the game keeps getting updates and fixes I’ll be a fanboy all day. Just please,please don’t be like Ubisoft and wait 2 years to make this game “launch worthy” after the player base has long gone. I love this game and congratulations on releasing a fun,brutal and risky experience :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️

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