New Walking Animation In First Person

When you are walking and then stop there is a new animation that happens. You don’t just stop on a dime anymore you take a second to shift to a standing pose. In third person this looks nice and realistic. In first person the camera bobs all over the place and it is annoying as hell.

I’m asking to ask not to be rude. Do you test anything in first person? I ask because when ever I see a Dev stream it is in third person and this isn’t the first problem I’ve seen that is exclusive to first over third person. If you play in first person then target lock activates at times when it never would if you play in third person.

It just feels like (to me at least) that all of the game testing is done in third person and the first person angles are not considered. This is just a feeling I have based on what I have seen in terms of game play.



Well now they ruined just walking around. The bobbing when you stop is getting me sick.


Actually that arm swinging animation when you stop from running annoys me a lot as a third person player too. It makes it feel like dobby from HP.


Not only walking, but building it first person with this side effect sucks to the ninth degree. Doing precise builds where situating an item/map/shrine/animal pen/water well, in the spot right were you need it is very frustrating. They need to remove this animation all together.

Not remove, just tweak.

The bobbing needs to stop. Don’t care if the animation stays or goes. Just need to think about the poor people with vertigo like “This Guy” <===

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