Newbie needs help with Hell and Bach Room 13 seance

Hoping someone can help me here. I am trying to complete Hell and Bach, and have repeatedly done the runes to try to start the seance in Room 13 of the motel. I’ve even checked online sites to make sure I’m doing it right. However, after activating all 17 ODERINT DUM METUANT runes in the correct order…nothing happens! Is there some special trick I am missing here? As I mentioned, I’ve tried MANY times now with no success!

If you have “over the shoulder” aiming on… theres you problem.


Just checked…“over the shoulder” is NOT set

Stand at the center. Zoom in as far as you can. Make sure you’re looking as straight down as possible.
It’s been forever since I did the mission in SWL, but I remember one of the symbols you need twice is super iffy and you may have your selection register the one next to it instead even when positioned perfectly. I think it was the one for ‘E’, but not 100% sure.

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It’s sometimes hard to spot, but there’s a little purple visual effect that is triggered on each rune that you interact with. Some of the target boxes seem to overlap a bit (you are in quite a large club of people who have had the smae problem), but try watching for the effect to see if you’re accidentally hitting one of the neighbouring runes instead :frowning:

Hmmm…I believe I do indeed see the purple visual effect each time, but I’ll double-check next time. And I’ll also try that standing at the center idea as well.

Okay, well, tried it again. Stood pretty much over the diagram and made sure that each rune, when selected, gave off the purple visual effect.

Still nothing. For whatever reason, this mission is bugged for me!

I so hated this mission both in TSW and SWL that I just skipped it untill I was forced to do it to be able to fight the Tank Commander.
I know how frustrating can be to fail at one of the last runes time after time as I had the same experience and so did many friends of mine.
It is just a matter of trying and keep trying, believe me, sooner or later it will work.

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Well, so far I have likely tried a couple dozen times, all with no success. And the last few times, I made sure that each time I activated a rune, the purple vapor effect happened, letting me know I had activated the correct rune. But still nothing.

Is there some company tech support site where I can contact the publisher/developer directly to report this problem?

If it’s an in game issue, you’re probably best off submitting a ticket in game via the help menu or by typing /petition .

You can email support outside of the game by submitting a question at but their wait times are pretty crazy (it’s one department for all the games and Conan Exiles seems to generate thousands of tickets!). I’m not even entirely sure they wouldn’t just respond by telling you to open a ticket in game. :confounded:

Wouldn’t it be possible to do the quest in party with someone else and let him/her do the clicking part for you, in case yours really is bugged for whatever reason?

Perhaps so. But as I am a newbie to the game and often play solo, I don’'t have any go-to gamers to help out in-game

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If you aren’t yet aware of the Sanctuary chat channel, you should join. That channel, accessed by typing /chat join sanctuary, is a place to ask questions, get help, find others who are new and old to the game who are willing to help out (spoiler free).

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What if you try it in another instance? Ask someone to invite you in instance where you are not in, and try then. I faintly remember this kind of issues in certain mission from TSW times.

I remember this. I hated it, too. Shelley is right. You need to zoom all the way into first person, and you also have to be quick and accurate. I had to watch a video to complete it in TSW. Just remember to be quick about it. That was my problem. You really don’t have time to think about your next move. Just try to get it memorized as much as possible.

I just had a go at the mission to check that it’s working, and I’ve got some potentially good news.

First of all, the mission is still working fine.

Secondly, if you’re entering the code for

then that’s the problem.

The Latin phrase is orderint dum metuant. So you’ve been missing the first R in oRderint, and the last word begins with an N not an M. There should be 18 symbols in total!

Hopefully this will help, and sorry that it took a while to spot!

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It’s actually ORDERINT DUM METUANT. It’s the first R in ORDERINT that was missing. NETUANT is a common mistake, though, as the M looks like an N.

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Yeah, you’re right :smiley: I derped! It’ll be that R which is causing the problems though :slight_smile:

(wow, i got the a & u the wrong way round too, corrected in my post!)

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Hopefully that was the OP’s problem.

The good news is that it gets better from there. On the other puzzles you get audio feedback immediately after clicking on the wrong rune and you don’t have to wait for the puzzle to reset to start over. :slight_smile:

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AH! Okay, I will try that.

Thank you all!