Seance circles improvement?!

Ok i’m fairly new to SWL been loving the game so far.
But has a new player i think i have found very boring/annoying system imo for new players like myself and even to the veterans that could use a simple and efficient improvement that would make these kind of missions alot better.

“Hell and Bach” mission introduces us to the seance circles this is the boring/annoying system i’m talking about… Of all the missions i’ve done so far i had to use the wiki a few times but this one is just very bad even with the wiki.

On the other side we have the mission “Digging Deeper” where at one point we have to /spit while facing the soldier /pray facing the angel etc…
So my suggestion is the following:
Instead of having us use the seance circles symbols one by one (boring) to “write” ORBIS NON SUFFICIT in latin (annoying) maybe we could just face the circle and type in chat /ORBIS NON SUFFICIT (sort of like a fake emote code) then the player would like maybe have some kind of small animation with energy coming out of his hand into the circle or something and bang it’s done.

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I’m not fond of writing long sentences letter by letter like in this mission too but then one of this mission points is to crack code and to get right letters, just writing command in chat makes it pointless. There are no Latin letters in those circles.
I’d personally would be glad if it just be shorter, I think. :thinking: But then - where’s challenge!

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@M1RAG3, please label your post with spoiler and use spoiler tags when you talk about missions. Also, this should probably be a posted here: Feedback & Suggestions

Thank you mister Mod for the edit. I still need to learn a few things how this forum works… which is also the reason i posted it in the wrong section i guess. If possible maybe you could move it to Feedback & Suggestions like Nordavind mentioned.

@Jess I do see what you mean by killing the challenge to some degree, I would argue that finding the circles themselves and figuring out the phrases we would have to write is a pretty good challenge in itself.
PS:. I meant the runes not latin.
In any case to some degree you also seem to agree that the way we have now to write things is bad.
I did had another idea that i think could work just aswell while keeping the challenge aspect intact… We would use the circle and get a sort of keypad to click on the runes with simple mouse clicks.

I’m in Egypt now lvl 44 and done all missions up to now at least once, this seance mission was back when i was maybe lvl 20ish or something and again i’m loving the game but that specific mission (the way we have to write things) still leaves a bitter taste and i realize that it’s probably a one run and forget mission i havent encountered another mission with that specific mechanic so far but I might be wrong.

Clicking on the circle to bring up an interactive image of the circle where you could click on each rune instead of having to aim the camera at them would be great.


Feedback & Suggestions is a thread so I can’t move it there, but I have moved it to the General Discussion sub-forum where that thread also resides.

Well, I personally would appreciate any improvements in places where we need to click on tiny areas. That including chalkboards for example (I just love to misclick eraser). So some windows with drag&drop mini games would be better for me for sure.

I changed my reticle to something smaller than the default and it helped me gobs with that.

This was another scenario where the old point and click system worked better.

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